FEHRER Shengyang Project

Construction time:2011 Location:Shenyang

The project is to meet the intense requirements for polyurethanes interior decoration parts of auto industry in Chinese market. A manufacturing plant will be built in Shenyang-EU economic development zone, in the east direction of Hushitai town, Xinchengzi district, Shenyang. The project uses advanced technology, high qualities of products,which are environment friendly new material and meet the government policy for importing advance technology and producing market required new material. At the same time, meet the feature of Shenyang-EU economic development zone.
The reconstructed design of the project is based on original plant. The reconstructed building is originally single-storey Class D plant with floor area of 14726.5m2, going to be reconstructed to Class C plant as required.
FEHRER mainly produces polyurethane foam model auto parts and cresting. The maximum production capacity reaches 2970 ton automotive inner decorations annually.

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