Construction time:2015-2017 Location:pudong shanghai

AstraZeneca’s current China head office is located on a 26,767 m2 site within Shanghai’s ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Park. Phased construction on the site was started in 2008 with Phase I and II being completed in 2012. Phase I is a commercial office building with associated underground parking, fitness centre and cafeteria while Phase II is a R&D centre with laboratories. Now Phase III will be separate office building.The site is in the area of LiangJing Road, Zhang Jiang Hi Tech Park, Pudong New District, Shanghai.There will be a separate office building in Phase III. The estimated total gross floor areas are approximately 16,000 M2 above ground and 12,000 M2 underground. The site to be developed will have a building footprint of no more than 2,450 M2. The car parking area will be 2 level and with Civil Defense design.

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