Design support for AT engineering of Henkel Dragon project

Construction time:2013-2015 Location:fengxin shanghai
Henkel group is one of the world's fortune 500 companies, which is a multinational group with a history of 130 years. Henkel group headquarters in Dusseldorf. Henkel operates worldwidely in 125 countries with leading brands and technologies in three business areas: Home Care, Personal Care and Adhesive Technologies.
In 1988, Henkel set up a representative office in Beijing. In 1990, the first joint venture was established. The total investment has been more than $450 million so far, and more than 3600 Chinese employees has been hired. In June of 2007, Henkel Asia Pacific and China headquarters was located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech park. In China, its main business includes personal care, industrial, civil adhesive, sealant and metal surface treatment agent product.
This project is the second-stage construction of Henkel Dragon project, which annually outputs 140000 tons of cars, general industrial and civil adhesive. It includes AT and Liofol projects, which owns several international advanced fully automated production line. AT project includes car body stick (BUTYL), automotive base coat and sealant (PVC), DGX, lubricating grease (LUB), etc. Liofol project includes polyester polyol (PE), polyurethane coating glue (PU), polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesive (PUR), etc.

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