Zhabei Sports Center

Construction time:2014 Location:No.643,East Yonghe Road shanghai

Zhabei District Sports Center (including activity center of north community) is located in the central of Zhabei District.The total building floor area is about 71291.17 square meters ( is 87544.17 square meters if the outdoor gymnasium area is included).
The project is composed of the main building of sports center (including comprehensive stadium, fitness center, outdoor gymnasium, culture activity center of north community, student physical health testing center, the basement) and auxiliary buildings (such as boiler house etc.)
Comprehensive stadium is a class A stadium. It can mainly meet international standard for basketball competitions, and can hold other types of events as well. This project is social undertakings during the "Twelve-Five planning", and is also the key project to realize Zhabei "central prosperity".

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