Nongfu Spring Shanxi Taibai Mountain CO.,LTD Production Base

Construction time:2012.3~2013.3 Location:Meixian Shaan'xi

According to market demand and current situation of the company, the project plans to levy 178600 square meters (about 267.9 acres) construction land in Tongguan Village, Tangyu Town, Mei County, Baoji, Shanxi Province. The newly-built production workshop, warehouse, auxiliary room, boiler room and other buildings are 94310 square meters. Introduce one production line for 36000pbh fruit and vegetables juice (500ml), 3 production lines for 48000bph natural drinking water (550ml), one production line for 12000bph natural drinking water (4L). Purchase one domestic production line for 1200bph natural drinking water (19L), supporting with partial domestic equipment and utility project equipment. Form an annual output of 70000 tons of fruit and vegetable juice and 613000 tons of natural water production capacity.

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