Poly International and China Haisum Conduct International Business Work Exchange

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On the occasion of the First Conference on Advancing High-Quality "Belt and Road" Construction and International Operations organized by Poly Group, on the afternoon of November 8, Huang Geming, Assistant General Manager of Poly Group and General Manager of Poly International, visited China Haisum, where they engaged in an in-depth exchange with the company's main leaders regarding the development and cooperation model of "Belt and Road" high-quality construction, international operations, and smart engineering.

At the symposium, leaders from China Haisum Shanghai Headquarters, CEC, GDE, and the Engineering Management Company introduced their international business and operational models combined with their respective strengths. The head of the Headquarters’ Overseas Market Management Center presented an overall overview of the company's international operations and future plans. Ma Wenxu, General Manager of Poly International Strategic Management Department, Guo Hongrui, General Manager of Poly International Complete Equipment Department, and Li Genxing, Deputy General Manager of Poly Changda Overseas Company, introduced the current situation and development needs of the international engineering business market.

The discussion focused on sharing experiences and exchanging insights on international engineering business under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Chen Rongrong noted that China Haisum has made significant progress in digital transformation and possesses capabilities in digital delivery, intelligent manufacturing, and smart operation and maintenance, which can be valuable assets for expanding its overseas operations. He also expressed the hope for closer collaboration with Poly International in facilitating the implementing more quality Poly projects overseas.

Zhao Guoang, taking into account the respective strengths and characteristics of both parties, analyzed and summarized the principles, advantages, scope, teams, and mechanisms for the collaboration. He emphasized China Haisum's deep expertise, extensive scope, advanced technology, market-oriented approach, solid implementation, and rapid transformation in the field of international engineering services. On the other hand, Poly International's prominent position, excellent qualifications, deep layout, broad vision, and large space make it a strong partner. The two sides have already established a good business partnership in related fields overseas. He expressed the expectation for deeper exchanges and communication with each other, and for collaborating and integrating, improving mutual quality and contributing to high-quality "Belt and Road" construction in line with the principle of "working together, complementing each other, boosting industry with trade, supporting trade with industry, promoting industry with investment, improving investment with industry, cooperative expanding, standing out and increasing scale".

Huang Geming highlighted that Poly International is an essential platform enterprise under Poly Group for international trade and engineering infrastructure construction business, with Poly Changda serving as its engineering business platform. He emphasized the need for both companies to fully grasp the opportunities and challenges of Poly Group's international operations, play the role as the main force of the BRI, carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of special equipment import and export, engineering and infrastructure investment and construction, construction, design, engineering operation and maintenance, and promote Poly Group's international operations "going out, going in, going up".

The symposium was attended by key leaders and relevant department heads of Shanghai Sanli Industrial Co., Ltd. and Poly Changda Overseas Company, affiliated with Poly International, as well as Chen Zhiming, Vice President of China Haisum, and leaders of relevant functional departments and operating units of the Headquarters.

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