Delegation Led by Chairperson Zhang Wanshun of Sinolight Corporation Visited and Inspected Haisum

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On May 15, Sinolight Corporation's CPC Committee Secretary and company Chairman Zhang Wanshun, CPC Committee Deputy Secretary and company Director Wang Keling, Sinolight Deputy General Manager Cai Muyi and other Sinolight leaders visited and inspected Haisum. The delegation was greeted by Haisum's CPC Committee Secretary and company Chairman Xu Datong, CPC Committee Deputy Secretary, company Vice Chairman and President Zhang Jianxin, Haisum Vice Chairperson Zhao Guoang and other leaders, and the two sides participated in an extensive dialogue.

Xu Datong started by representing the Company to introduce Haisum's production and operation status, including a recap of the production and operation performance for the entirety of 2019, an organized and analytical brief about the production and operation completions during the first five months of 2020, and introduced pandemic prevention and control achievements in overseas projects, as well as other information such as 2020's development and reform missions and progress in key tasks for the year.

Other Haisum leaders supplemented info about their respective areas of responsibility, touching on topics such as internal project collaboration, general contracting business and resource consolidation, informatization and digitization advancements, core processes and technologies, internationalized operation, technical management platform construction, and capital operation of the public company, among other facets.

Zhang Wanshun, Cai Muyi and department leaders of Sinolight Corporation then spoke with their Haisum counterparts about core processes and technologies, informatization and digitization advancements, internal collaboration for projects, and 2020 manufacturing industry high-quality development project application.

Lastly, Zhang Wanshun delivered an important address. He started by commending Haisum's orderly organization of disease prevention and control measures and active approach to restoring work and production. In conjunction with high-quality economic development, he shared and led the collective learning of the article Deep Understanding and Grasp of High-quality Economic Development. The article pointed out that full implementation of new development concepts, persistence in adhering to supply-side structural reform as principal, and speeding up the construction of modernized economy are mutually associated components of a common entity that contains an overarching internal logic, namely the need to persevere in a development mindset with the people at the core, to promote changes and reforms in the quality, efficiency and impetus of economic growth, and to satisfy the people's growing demand for a better life. With these three aspects as main direction to construct a basic framework to promote high-quality economic development is conducive to clarifying the mindset, orientation and focus, solidifying foundational systems and institutions for quality development, and fueling the Chinese economy for continually achieving new feats upon the basis of realizing quality development. Zhang Wanshun demanded Haisum to take reference to the article, thoroughly implement new development concepts, consider platform construction and other reform and development work constituents of system construction, pragmatically advance development and reform missions toward innovations in systems and institutions, and ultimately foster high-quality development in the Company.

Xu Datong represented the Haisum leaders and responded that Haisum will earnestly carry out business and reform endeavors under the leadership of the Sinolight Corporation, persist in the problem-seeking and problem-solving orientation, address problems in a timely manner, live up to the expectation of corporation leaders, and make even greater contributions to Sinolight Corporation's goal to become the nation's leading and one of the world's most renowned light industry, science and technology innovation industrial corporations.

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