Haisum Delegation Led by Chairperson Xu Datong Visited China Tobacco Hubei Industrial, Hubei Xinye Tobacco Sheet Development and Huanghelou Sci-Tech. Park in Wuhan

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Spring is the season of reinvigoration. As the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan has been quelled, Haisum's several general contract projects in the tobacco industry in Hubei Province have shifted into high gear for work and production resumption. In order to effectively advance progress in project implementation, between May 7 and 8, a team led by Secretary of the CPC Haisum Committee and company Chairman Xu Datong made a special trip to Wuhan to visit leaders at China Tobacco Hubei Industrial Co., Ltd., Xinye Tobacco Sheet and Huanghelou Sci-Tech. Park to speak and deliberate about project implementation, disease control and prevention and other relevant matters. Xu Datong also represented the CPC Haisum Committee in signing a joint Party-building agreement with the CPC Committee of the Huanghelou Sci-Tech. Park.

As the first group of outsiders to visit since the novel coronavirus-induced lockdown, leaders at China Tobacco Hubei Industrial Co., Ltd., Xinye Tobacco Sheet and Huanghelou Sci-Tech. Park expressed their unexpected, surprise and most cordial welcome to the arrival of Chairman Xu and other delegates.

At China Tobacco Hubei Industrial Co., Ltd., China Tobacco Hubei's Leading Party Group Secretary and company General Manager Gao Qiang, Chief Engineer Chen Huibin, Investment and Planning Department Director Wang Kang, Xinye Tobacco Sheet's CPC Committee Secretary and company General Manager Xiong Bin and Deputy General Manager Xiong Hao received Chairman Xu's delegation. Gao Qiang started by thanking Haisum for the letter of sympathy sent during the earliest days of the outbreak, then expounded China Tobacco Hubei's strict disease prevention and control measures including dispatching Party branch members to the frontline and adoption of grid management implemented after the outbreak under the leadership of the company's CPC Committee. Gao then explained how China Tobacco Hubei, as one of the first enterprises to resume work and production, maintained safety while pursuing production and coordinated efforts to make certain normalized disease prevention and control while managing the return of staff to work and production, adding that at present work and production at China Tobacco Hubei have been effectively restored, with output even exceeding the same period last year. Haisum Chairperson Xu lauded the CPC China Tobacco Hubei Committee for upholding righteousness amid innovation, shouldering responsibility courageously, overcoming impacts caused by the coronavirus and pushing forward with high-quality development, then expressed earnest interest in the Xinye Tobacco Sheet On-site Technical Transformation Project, the first EPC general contract project of its kind in the Chinese tobacco industry. Thereafter, Xu introduced disease prevention and control measures employed by Haisum, especially touching on recent steps taken to defend against the virus in overseas projects. Xu went on to explain that Haisum will rely on the Xinye Tobacco Sheet project, the Xiangyang Cigarette Factory Raw Material Warehouse project and Huanghelou Cigarette Packaging, Printing and Support Material Industry Park project to set up general contract project management platform that will facilitate sharing of resources and joint efforts in raising "civilized construction site, safety, documentation" administration level, adding that regular communication during implementation course of project, mutually complementary advantages and joint Party-building activities will help develop projects into high-quality project, sunshine project, clean project and growth project.

At the Huanghelou Sci-Tech. Park, hosts including the complex's CPC Committee Secretary and organization Chairperson Hu Fangyong, CPC Committee Deputy Secretary and organization General Manager Yin Yexin, Deputy General Manager Lei Jun received Chairman Xu and company. The two sides spoke about signing the contracts for and the implementation details of the "Huanghelou Cigarette Packaging, Printing and Support Material Industry Park Phase One General Contract Project," the bid of which Haisum won at the start of January this year. Chairman Xu stated that the "Huanghelou Project" is yet another tobacco industry general contract project after the Xinye Tobacco Sheet project and Xiangyang Cigarette Factory project, and also Haisum's largest tobacco industry general contract project to date. Thus, it is an absolute priority that will receive best of the company's advantages in aspects like rapid reaction and precision management, and Haisum will assemble and devote its best resources to turn the project into a groundbreaking endeavor of superb quality.

At the meeting, the two sides also signed a joint Party-building agreement, and reached consensus that the joint agreement will be implemented thoroughly, five "confirmations" surrounding the joint-building objectives will be closely supervised, the guiding function of Party-building efforts, the "main force of the battlefield" function of Party branch and "vanguard and model" function of Party members will be fully utilized, a new Party-building structure characterized by joint Party-building and Party member collaboration will be formed, so as to ensure the smooth progress and high-quality completion of the project.

Haisum personnel accompanying Chairman Xu on the trip included Haisum Vice President Zhou Yuan, Wuhan subsidiary's CPC Committee and company Chairperson Zhou Bo, Haisum Project Management Department General Manager Li Meng, CPC Committee Work Department Director and President's Office Director Ma Lan, headquarters' Third Design/Engineering Department General Manager Pang Jianguo and Deputy General Manager Zhang Zhi, and main persons in charge of the project team, among others.

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