China Haisum's Top Leadership Lead a Delegation to Muyuan Group

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On August 24, Zhao Guoang, Deputy General Manager of Sinolight Corporation and Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of China Haisum, led a delegation to Muyuan Food Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Muyuan Group") in Nanyang, Henan. The delegation was warmly welcomed by Zhang Chunwu, Deputy General Manager of Muyuan Group.

Zhao Guoang expressed his gratitude for Zhang Chunwu's warm reception and praised Muyuan Group for its achievements and contributions in technological innovation and intelligent feeding. During the visit, Zhao briefly introduced the organizational structure and business layout of Poly Group, Sinolight Corporation, and China Haisum. He highlighted Sinolight Corporation's influential and authoritative position in the food industry, having played a key role in establishing multiple national standards for food products. Meanwhile, as a leading player in the light industry engineering services, China Haisum has been at the forefront of environmental protection, waste treatment, intelligent manufacturing, and the "dual-carbon" fields. Zhao expressed the expectation for further communication and collaboration between the two sides, leveraging their respective strengths to drive industry standards, digital transformation, and research on "dual-carbon" initiatives. This, in turn, would contribute to the high-quality development of the Central Plains' food industry.

In response, Zhang Chunwu highlighted Muyuan Group's business model of "farming-manure-green agriculture" that is friendly to ecology and environment. He noted the alignment between China Haisum's expertise in food, environmental protection, and waste treatment and Muyuan Group's "five-step" green and low-carbon strategies. He further clarified Muyuan Group's competence in intelligent environmental control, feeding, and equipment, which could foster more collaborative research with Sinolight Corporation and China Haisum. Both parties expressed their eagerness to engage in multi-dimensional and multi-level cooperation, pooling resources and efforts to establish the Central Plains region as a benchmark for high-quality and intelligent food engineering.

Following the meeting, Zhang Chunwu accompanied Zhao Guoang and the delegation to visit the Muyuan Intelligent Technology Museum. The event was also attended by Yue Shuxiao, Deputy Party Secretary and Deputy Director of the People's Congress Standing Committee of Neixiang County, Nanyang City, as well as relevant technical personnel from Muyuan Group, Chen Rongrong, Deputy Party Committee Secretary and President of China Haisum, senior leaders, professional technical personnel from Beijing, Changsha, and Guangzhou branches, and the Head of the Headquarters' Marketing Development Center.

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