China Haisum and China Tobacco Hubei Sign an Agreement for Deepening Cooperation

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On August 23, China Haisum and China Tobacco Hubei Industrial LLC (referred to as "China Tobacco Hubei") signed an agreement for comprehensively deepening cooperation in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Top leaders, including Gao Qiang, Party Group Secretary and General Manager of China Tobacco Hubei, Wan Lipeng, Party member and Deputy General Manager, Chen Huibin, Chief Engineer, Zhao Guoang, Vice General Manager of Sinolight Corporation and Party Secretary and Chairman of China Haisum, Chen Rongrong, Vice Party Secretary and President of China Haisum, attended the signing ceremony.

Chen Rongrong and Chen Huibin, on behalf of their respective organizations, signed the agreement. Signing of this agreement reflects the company's commitment to the national innovation-driven development strategy and is the result of the company's faithful implementation of the goals outlined in the "14th Five-Year Plan".

Zhao Guoang extended his congratulations on the signing of this agreement. As one of the leading design and engineering integrated service providers in the light industry, China Haisum is progressively building an open platform, establishing an industrial ecosystem, promoting cross-sector integration, and enhancing its capability to create value. Both sides share great similarities and have extensive cooperation foundations in long-term goals, industrial layouts, and major businesses. Leveraging the professional expertise and resource integration advantages, the company will provide comprehensive end-to-end engineering services and employ the joint EPC construction mode to construct projects according to "lighthouse factory" standards. Through these efforts, the aim is to support China Tobacco Hubei in leading the industry's development and achieving new breakthroughs through strategic collaboration.

Gao Qiang expressed his gratitude for China Haisum's consistent support and assistance. China Tobacco Hubei and China Haisum are both large state-owned enterprises, sharing a common vision and mission for development. He hopes to deepen cooperation with China Haisum in technology transformation projects. The focus will be put on areas such as system construction, digital transformation, research infrastructure development, intelligent manufacturing, green factories, and intelligent logistics, in a bid to drive the "dual-carbon" technology research in the tobacco industry and propel the process of modernization with Chinese characteristics.

Wang Kang, Head of the Investment Management Department of Hubei Tobacco, provided an overview of China Haisum's history of implementing projects of China Tobacco Hubei and Huanghelou Science and Technology Park. Zhang Zhi, General Manager of  at China Haisum's Business Development Center, delivered a presentation on the company's new business initiatives and remarkable achievements in major technological transformations, engineering contracting, digital development, intelligent manufacturing, and implementation of the "dual-carbon" strategy for China Tobacco Hubei during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, which boosted the confidence for deepening their cooperation.

Attending the signing ceremony were representatives from Comprehensive Planning Department and Information Center of China Tobacco Hubei, and those from Huanghelou Science and Technology Park. Also present were Chen Zhiming, Vice President of China Haisum, as well as senior leaders from the Shanghai Headquarters, CLWD, and China Light Industry Construction.

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