Zhao Guoang Receives a Delegation Led by Lu Junfei from Shanghai Sugar Cigarette & Wine Group

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On August 10, Wang Guoang, Vice President of Sinolight Corporation and Party Secretary and Chairman of China Haisum, had a meeting with Lu Junfei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shanghai Sugar Cigarette & Wine Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sugar Cigarette & Wine Group”). The two sides engaged in a comprehensive discussion regarding further deepening cooperation and driving digital transformation within the food industry.

Zhao Guoang warmly welcomed Lu Junfei and his delegation and expressed gratitude for their continuing support from Bright Food Group. He expressed that Bright Food Group is China Haisum's esteemed client, and the company has provided over one hundred exceptional engineering design and EPC turnkey contracting services to Bright Food Group and its nearly 50 subsidiaries. Amidst the current trend of vigorously promoting digital transformation, Zhao hopes for further exchange and interaction between the two sides, deepening their friendship and jointly empowering the high-quality development of the food industry.

Lu Junfei acknowledged China Haisum's capabilities and expertise in the engineering services sector, expressing confidence in the continuity of their friendship and the deepening of their cooperation. He emphasized that Sugar Cigarette & Wine Group is a long-standing subsidiary of Bright Food Group in Shanghai, directly involved in China Haisum's close and amiable cooperative relationship. With Shanghai city fully embracing the opportunity of urban digitization, he expressed the hope for China Haisum to continue leveraging its strengths and resources in intelligent engineering, working hand in hand with Sugar Cigarette & Wine Group to contribute to the digital and intelligent development of China's food industry.

During the meeting, Zheng Wen, Party Secretary and General Manager of the Shanghai headquarters, reviewed past collaborative projects between both parties, offering a detailed introduction to China Haisum's exceptional engineering service characteristics and advantages across sectors such as sugar production, brewing, beverages, dairy products, grains and oils, and grain storage.

Lu Junfei and his delegation also visited the company's brand exhibition hall. Attendees of the meeting include Cai Dan, Vice President of Sugar Cigarette & Wine Group, and Deng Chunshan, CFO, as well as the head of China Haisum's Headquarters Business Development Center, and Wang Lixue, Deputy General Manager of the Shanghai headquarters.

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