China Haisum's Top Leadership Visit Guizhou to Conduct a Series of Business Activities

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From July 28 to 29, Zhao Guoang, Deputy General Manager of Poly Sinolight, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Haisum visited Guizhou to conduct a series of business activities, in an effort to build a multi-field, multi-level, multi-form, and comprehensive cooperation mechanism with the provincial government of Guizhou and local enterprises and further deepen their partnerships.

On the morning of July 28, Zhao Guoang and the delegates were invited to the 2023 Consumer Goods Industry "Three Categories" National Tour (Guizhou) & the 3rd Traditional Chinese Fermented Food Industry Development Conference, showing their presence in the tour meeting, promotion conference, and other events.

On the site, Zhao Guoang and Ran Chao, Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group, Director of Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture signed the Sour Soup Industry Planning Cooperation Agreement. By cooperation with provincial enterprises, the parties aim to complement each other's advantages, and seek cooperation of higher levels, wider areas, and more channels, build a long-term cooperation mechanism for collaborative innovation among production, education, research, and application establishments, and strive to achieve win-win cooperation and common development among local governments and state-owned enterprises.

Yang Yong, Deputy Director of Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Zhou Min, Chief of Small and Medium Enterprises Division of the Bureau, and Deputy Chief Zhang Hang attended the event.

On the afternoon of July 28, Zhao Guoang and the delegates came to Guizhou Moutai Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guizhou Moutai"), and paid a visit to Wan Bo, Member of the Party Committee, and Deputy General Manager of Moutai Group and other leaders, where both parties had in-depth exchanges concerning further deepening project cooperation and advancing industry development.

During the exchange, Wan Bo extended a warm welcome for their visit and had a brief review of the cooperation projects between two parties, expressing recognition and appreciation for China Haisum, and showing his full confidence in continuing partnership and deepening cooperation between the two parties. He said that Guizhou Moutai has a profound cooperative friendship with China Haisum, and hoped that the two parties continue the cooperative relations, advance Motai's upgrade in liquor production, and make joint efforts to construct an important liquor production base in China, relying on China Haisum's outstanding competence in technologies and intelligent manufacturing.

Zhao Guoang expressed his gratitude for the recognition from Guizhou Moutai. He pointed out that since its establishment 70 years ago, China Haisum has continuously delved into the traditional engineering service field by virtue of its continuous technological innovation and digital transformation. Currently, the company is tapping into emerging industries, and expanding its presence to intelligent manufacturing, carbon peaking and neutrality, and other fields. Guizhou Moutai is the company's important partner, China Haisum will fully exploit its industrial edges and technological edges in liquor production project service to deepen cooperation in green and low-carbon production, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, contributing Haisum's effort and wisdom to the high-quality development of Guizhou liquor.

During the visit, Zhao Guoang and his delegation visited China Wine Culture Museum and intelligent packaging workshop demonstration line. Leaders from Guizhou Moutai Planning and Construction Department, Equipment and Energy Management Department, Production Management Department and other departments also joined the visit.

On July 29, Zhao Guoang and the delegates visited Xiaohutuxian. Both parties expressed their intention to continue their partnership and build a exemplary high-quality liquor factory that combines modern technology with traditional craftsmanship, with an aim of realizing "green, environmental, low-carbon, and intelligent production".

Yang Jianjun, General Manager of Xiaohutuxian Wine Industry Co., Ltd., Xishui County, Guizhou Province, and Chen Xin, Director of Infrastructure Engineering Department, and other leaders of the company warmly received Zhao Guoang and his delegation. They introduced the general overview, development situation, strategic planning and other information of the company, and expressed their appreciation for China Haisum's participation in the construction of Xiaohutuxian and the achievements gained, hoping that both parties can further deepen their cooperation so as to support the high-quality development of the liquor industry.

Zhao Guoang expressed his gratitude for the recognition from Xiaohutuxian. He then provided an overview of the company's one-stop smart engineering services, achievements in intelligent digital engineering, and the development of its "double carbon" business layout. He stated that China Haisum is willing to give full play to its leading role as a "national team" of engineering services and its core advantages to integrate superior resources and accelerate Xihutuxian's construction of the medium and high-end liquor integration project in Luzhou, and at the same time explore new models of cooperation between the two parties to achieve win-win development.

Leaders from China Haisum's Business Development Center and Liquor Business Division participated in the above events.

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