China Haisum Holds Overseas Business Exchange Meeting

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Recently, China Haisum held an overseas business development exchange meeting in Shanghai, in order to accelerate the pace of "going global" and systematically plan "a new beginning" for overseas business. Chen Rongrong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the company, and Vice President Chen Zhiming attended the meeting.

Chen Rongrong first stressed the necessity and correctness of the company implementing the "going global" strategy. He pointed out that successful international operations are an essential path for China Haisum to become a world-class enterprise. It is also an important means to optimize the company's structure, upgrade technology, quality, management, digital platforms, and brand in an all-round manner. We need to integrate business and finance, establish sound regulations and procedures, and form a scientific ecological mechanism for business operations, so as to build new comparative edges over international competitions.

Chen Rongrong put forward four requirements for enterprises to "go global":

First, optimizing industry layout. As a leader in engineering services in the light industry sector, it is important to focus on specialization and excellence in different industries in order to enhance the added value of engineering services.

Second, building technical strengths. It is necessary to align with international standards and address deficiencies in internal management, technology and talent, in order to enhance the company's independent innovation capabilities and core competitiveness.

Third, enhancing green and environmental awareness. In line with the development strategy of the Belt and Road Initiative, it is important to prioritize green and environmental practices to enhance China Haisum's brand image and market trust in international market competition.

Fourth, highlighting local business operations. With the constantly changing international market and evolving consumer habits, it is also important to focus on localized operations to adapt to local market demands.

With regard to how to seek maximum certainty in uncertain international market change, Chen Rongrong put forward that first, it is important to assess whether the company's resources allow for localized operations. Before undertaking overseas projects, each business unit must first consider its own strengths in technologies, resources, and platforms, and promptly address any existing deficiencies. Second, it is necessary to be attentive to operational and financial risks. It is also necessary to understand the local language, culture, customs, laws and regulations, as well as value orientations. Based on this understanding, it is crucial to strengthen communication and build trust with the local market. Third, it is important to identify the right positioning, change traditional approaches to business development and management, and adopt a new management approach of empowerment, collaboration, altruism and value delivery.

China Haisum headquarters will work in coordination with its subsidiaries to accurately grasp the situation. Together, they will adopt a problem-oriented approach and adhere to an integrated management path. By leveraging the collective strength of the entire company, they will strive together to overcome challenges and enhance China Haisum's international competitiveness and technological innovation capabilities, with a goal to develop towards the high end of the global value chain.

Chen Zhiming hoped that each subsidiary will intensify overseas business exchanges and learn from each other, pool efforts to create high-quality and professional overseas iron army featuring Haisum characteristics, strive to create overseas business development new situation, and dedicate to creating more valuable and high-quality overseas projects, as a tribute to the 10th anniversary of the "Belt and Road" Initiative.

​At the meeting, China Light Industry Construction, Nanning Company, GDE, Beijing Company, CEC, and Shanghai Headquarters shared with attendees their insights on the sustainable development of "going global" enterprises in different countries respectively.

Participants from the Headquarters' business management department and relevant leaders of the subsidiaries, a total of 40 people, attended the meeting.

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