China Haisum Takes You into "Lighthouse Factories" to Witness the Power behind "Intelligent Manufacturing in China"

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"Lighthouse factories" are digital factories or enterprises that extensively apply technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) and actively drive the transformation of factories, value chains, and business models. These factories are jointly selected by the World Economic Forum and McKinsey & Company, and they exemplify digital manufacturing and Globalization 4.0, representing the highest level of global digital production. The evaluation criteria mainly include: large-scale application of technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, 5G, and big data, among other Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies; model reform of entire processes, elements, and aspects through the application of new technologies, including exploratory R&D and design, production and manufacturing, supply chain management, marketing, and servicing; full realization of quality and efficiency improvement, cost reduction, green and low-carbon development of enterprises; and creation of models that can be replicated and popularized.

"Lighthouse factories" are acclaimed as the "most advanced factories" in the world, representing the pinnacle of intelligent, digital, and automated manufacturing. It embodies the highest level of intelligent manufacturing and digitization in the global manufacturing industry. As of January 2023, there are a total of 132 "lighthouse factories" worldwide, of which 50 are based in China, ranking first in the world.

As a leading provider of engineering services in the light industry, China Haisum has undertaken the engineering design services for three major "lighthouse factories" in China.

Tsingtao Brewery Project of Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd. (selected as a "lighthouse factory" in March 2021)

This project was designed by China Light-Industry International Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "Beijing Company"), a subsidiary of China Haisum, with an annual beer production capacity of approximately 350,000 kiloliters.

The Beijing Company has been engaged in the renovation and upgrade of the Tsingtao Brewery for more than four decades. While respecting and preserving the traditional skills of Tsingtao Brewery, the Beijing Company has continuously upgraded the beer production technologies, such as incorporating identification imaging technology into the beer production line for the intelligent upgrade of the packaging workshop; replacing the traditional work methods in the packaging workshop with high-speed beer can production lines, diverse robots, and autonomous shuttling delivery vehicles; and constructing an entire chain integrating intelligent and green transformation throughout industries such as raw material processing, beer brewing, intelligent logistics, bar experience, and industrial tourism, thereby creating a new pattern of modern beer production.

Washing Machines Project (annual capacity of 3 million sets) of Tianjin Haier Washing Appliances Co., Ltd. (selected as a "lighthouse factory" in September 2021)

This project was designed by China CEC Engineering Corporation (referred to as "CEC"), a subsidiary of China Haisum, covering a total construction area of 100,531.3 square meters and designed with an annual capacity of producing 3 million washing machines.

The project incorporated advanced technologies such as virtual simulation and BIM, achieving international-leading levels in key technical and economic indicators, such as product quality, raw material consumption, energy consumption, and unit product investment, as well as comprehensive benefits. It has resulted in the establishment of an internationally leading interconnected washing machine factory and a large-scale intelligent + 5G smart park, contributing to Haier's inclusion in the list of "2020 China Top 100 Benchmark Smart Factories".

Haier's High-End Specialty Refrigerator Project (selected as a "lighthouse factory" in October 2022)

This project was designed by CEC, covering a total construction area of 72,036.62 square meters, with an annual production capacity of 1 million high-end large refrigerators, including French side-by-side and T-shaped models.

The project is equipped with the world's most advanced automation equipment and a three-layer intelligent logistics system underground, in the air, and on the ground, which is integrally monitored by the central control system. Flexsim simulation technology is employed for comprehensive simulation analysis of logistics organization in the park, logistics distribution in the workshop, connection of production equipment, and layout of production equipment to ensure smooth production. As a result, the order response cycle has been reduced by 35%, the production efficiency increased by 35%, and the quality performance improved by 36%.

In the critical stage of China's transition from a manufacturing powerhouse to a manufacturing leader, digital transformation is a crucial support and an essential path for the manufacturing industry. China Haisum will vigorously promote the construction experience and model of "lighthouse factories" to help Chinese manufacturing enterprises achieve comprehensive digital transformation and upgrade.

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