China Haisum's "Pilot Program" First Management Improvement Training Course Successfully Held

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Senior and middle-level management are the backbone of China Haisum's transformation and development, and are the key group to improve the company's overall management level. Based on the new starting point of reform and development, China Haisum's Party Committee started the "Pilot Program" training from the strategic needs of the enterprise to implement the "14th Five-Year Plan", the practical needs of leadership team building, and the inherent needs of management ability improvement. Through overcoming shortcomings and strengthening weaknesses, it is working to promote the leadership team building to adapt to the requirements of the times, to match the development of the cause, and to fit in with the expectations of the masses, providing a stronger management driving force for the high-quality development of the company.

From June 27 to July 2, China Haisum's "Pilot Program" first management improvement training course was successfully held in Shanghai. A total of 38 senior and middle-level managerial staff from headquarters and subsidiaries participated in the training. The training aims at "improving the ability of managerial staff", and carefully sets up 6 days and 18 internal and external training courses. Besides, there are also links such as personal submission of training summaries, closed-book tests, and group theme reports to test learning results.

Zhao Guoang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the company, delivered a speech and awarded the class flag for the first pilot class!

Zhao Guoang gave the first lecture of the opening class

Zhao Guoang pointed out that conducting training for key minorities such as senior and middle-level management cadres is an important measure for the company's Party Committee to implement the requirements that science and technology are the primary productive forces, talents are the first resources, and innovation is the first driving force, and to practice the "14th Five-Year Plan" on talent planning and the Poly talent value of "Gather those who fit, stand those who create, and go far those who excel".

He introduced China Haisum's missions and values and business philosophy from aspects such as "missions and core values", "reform and management model", "marketing management and business model", "brand building and corporate culture", "life and enterprise development", etc. He expounded the relationship between organization and strategy, brand and culture, put forward new requirements such as building Haisum's "agile team", fostering Haisum culture with efficiency, innovation, responsibility, humanism, and mutual dependence, practicing the "two new and two big" market strategy, etc., and shared his views on the laws of personal development, life cycle of enterprise, the "second curve" of enterprise development, and five stages of leadership.

Zhao Guoang encouraged the participants, pointing out that they are not only leaders of various combat units but also pioneers and backbones of the "agile team" and the fundamental of the company's completion of the "14th Five-Year Plan". They should approach their studies with a full spirit, a proper attitude, and a rigorous academic style. They were expected to solidly grasp every lesson, transforming what they learn into motivation and capability for taking action and entrepreneurship. They should use passion to face unknown challenges and strive to leave a mark on this era.

External lecturer courses cover topics such as party building, digitalization, finance, strategy, leadership, and lean management. They use case-based, situational, and immersive teaching methods to inspire everyone with new management ideas, and help them expand management horizons, and solve management problems.

The heads of eight departments including  the Business Development Center, Strategic Operation Center, and EIM Digital Innovation Center at the headquarters turned into a "lecturer group" and gave lectures on the internal training course of "What Management Cadres Should Know and Should Be Able to Do", closely following the company's control requirements and helping trainees improve their strategic thinking, abilities to allocate resources and control risks.

The trainees were divided into four groups. During the training, they were quite attentive and engaged in learning communication and showed positive learning attitude, achieving the training effect of gathering wisdom, deepening exchanges, and cultural integration.

"A small step for a managerial staff is a big step for team development". China Haisum's Party Committee will carry out the "Pilot Program" training on a regular basis to help leaders at all levels establish a comprehensive and systematic modern enterprise management concept, improve global vision, strategic thinking, market awareness and outstanding leadership skills. With the practice of the Poly talent view of "Gather those who fit in, stand those who create, and go far those who excel", it is bond to cultivate a harmonious and symbiotic Haisum corporate culture.

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