Chen Rongrong Leads a Team to Lishen Battery for Exchange and Study

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In order to run ahead on the new development track and to further expand the layout in the field of new energy power batteries, on June 25, Chen Rongrong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of China Haisum, Li Yimin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and other leaders went to Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lishen Battery") for investigation and exchange, to jointly depict a new picture of cooperation and development. Zhang Qiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Lishen Battery, received Chen Rongrong and his delegation.

At the meeting, Zhang Qiang welcomed Chen Rongrong's visit. He pointed out that Lishen Battery is the "national team" of the lithium battery industry, as China Haisum as the "national team" of engineering services. This meeting is a powerful action for both sides to actively respond to the call for in-depth cooperation within the national "central government-owned enterprise alliance". He emphasized that in recent years, Lishen Battery has closely followed the national goal of vigorously developing strategic emerging industries to future industries and it has laid out markets in South China and Southwest China. He also expressed the will of conducting more and better cooperation between the two sides in the future.

Chen Rongrong introduced in detail the company's digital transformation results and smart manufacturing business layout. He stated that the company has scored fruitful results and accumulated certain experience in technology and data in the lithium battery industry and has won trust and acclaim from its customers. Relying on the company's life-cycle services empowered by digitalization, it has built the largest new material production line for lithium battery in terms of single-line capacity in China. He hopes that through cooperation between the two sides, they will join hands to explore the optimal model of smart engineering in the lithium battery industry and jointly contribute to the high-quality development of the lithium battery industry.

After the talks, both sides agreed that they have great development potential in the field of new energy power batteries and will actively promote cooperation matters and strive to achieve mutual benefit and win-win development.

At the meeting, representatives of both sides also introduced the basic situation of the enterprise. Experts in the lithium battery industry from China Haisum's Shanghai headquarters, China Haisum CEC, China Haisum GDE, and Sinolight Construction focused on introducing the company's technological advantages in the new energy and new materials industry, especially in the field of lithium battery materials.

Before the meeting, Chen Rongrong and his delegation visited the Lishen Battery's brand exhibition hall to learn about Lishen Battery's industrial layout, market prospects, scientific and technological innovation, and technical accumulation.

Mao Dawei, Head of China Haisum's Business Development Center, Assistant of General Manager of Lishen Battery, Process Engineering Department, and relevant persons in charge of the office participated in the talks.

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