Intelligent Haisum Empowers Smart Manufacturing: China Haisum Holds Smart Manufacturing Symposium

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China Haisum held a smart manufacturing symposium in order to further enhance the digital and intelligent transformation and development of China Haisum's various business units in engineering services, clarify the path for implementing smart manufacturing, and strengthen communication and cooperation from May 26 to 27. Chen Rongrong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of China Haisum, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The meeting was chaired by Qu Jiafan, Deputy General Manager of the Business Development Center and Executive Deputy General Manager of the Smart Manufacturing Business Department. More than 20 technical and management talents from 9 subsidiaries in the pulp and paper industry, environmental protection industry, chemical materials lithium battery industry, home appliances and other smart manufacturing industries, tobacco and specialty paper industry, food engineering industry, comprehensive industry, and construction and installation participated in the meeting to enjoy the experience sharing of external digital experts and the feast of internal exchange.

At the meeting, members of the Smart Manufacturing Business Department had in-depth exchanges and discussions. The heads of the Business Development Center and EIM Digital Innovation Center spoke in turn based on their respective main businesses. They unanimously agreed that the company must embark on the track of digital transformation of engineering services, and it is still taking the lead in this process. The development ideas of smart manufacturing echoed among the representatives at the meeting, which made them build a consensus on how to form core competitiveness and make product characteristics.

Chen Rongrong made a concluding speech, affirming the necessity of this meeting. He pointed out:

Accelerating digital transformation is an inevitable requirement for achieving high-quality development

From the 1980s to the beginning of the 21st century, the light industry has possessed a dominating position, driving economic development. At present, China's industrial reform represented by smart manufacturing is in full swing. We must seize opportunities to improve our level of smart manufacturing in digital transformation, striving to occupy new commanding heights in industry technology.

Steadily promote the development of China Haisum's smart manufacturing business

In recent years, China Haisum has gathered a group of digital comprehensive engineering talents around digital transformation, established the EIM Digital Innovation Center and Smart Manufacturing Business Department, developed the Haisum Digital Design Collaboration Platform, Digital Design Collaboration Management Platform and Design Element Sharing Platform with certain results being achieved. We must turn data into assets, create industry value from it, and promote the development of China Haisum's smart manufacturing business.

Seize the opportunity of EPC project integration and innovation to create benchmark smart manufacturing projects

We must tap the potential of the company's EPC projects to make benchmark and demonstration projects with increased investment, continuing the promotion of the projects. In the future, China Haisum will continue to promote the deep integration of data resources, technology resources, talent resources, and industrial resources with smart manufacturing to help the high-quality development of the light industry.

Integrate in the same direction and create a new "smart engineering" brand for China Haisum

Boosting the company's high-quality development is our common goal. The Smart Manufacturing Business Department has brought together outstanding talents from various units and fields of China Haisum. We must rely on the company's 70 years of technological heritage and continuously improving digital service platform to promote cultural integration, form a joint force, and jointly create a new "smart engineering" brand for China Haisum.

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