Good News | China Haisum Selected as a "Science and Technology Reform Model Enterprise" for the Second Time

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On May 15, the website of the SASAC announced the latest list of science and technology reform enterprises under the "Science and Technology Reform Model Action". China Haisum, a subsidiary of Poly Group's Poly Sinolight, has been selected again as a "Science and Technology Reform Enterprise" after being listed for the first time in 2022.

What is a "Science and Technology Reform Model Enterprise"?

A "Science and Technology Reform Model Enterprise" is selected and determined through the "Science and Technology Reform Model Action" conducted by the State-owned Enterprise Reform Leading Group of the State Council. It aims to encourage and support state-owned technology companies that are in urgent need of reform and innovation, while strengthening the comprehensive leadership of the CPC over state-owned enterprises and resolutely preventing the loss of state-owned assets. These enterprises are required to further deepen market-oriented reforms in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development. The key focus is on improving corporate governance, market-oriented personnel selection and employment, strengthening incentives, and exploring innovations and achieving breakthroughs. The goal is to create a group of exemplary state-owned technology companies and pioneering innovators, and replicate and promote successful experiences based on these achievements.

How to be Selected as a "Science and Technology Reform Model Enterprise"?

A "Science and Technology Reform Model Enterprise" should be a technology-oriented company with a high proportion of talent capital and technological contributions. It should have substantial research and development investments, strong competitiveness in core products, and demonstrated growth potential. Additionally, the enterprise should demonstrate a strong sense of urgency and willingness for reform. Factors such as the expected effects of reform under the "Science and Technology Reform Model Action," the difficulty and complexity of implementing reforms, and past experiences from pilot projects and demonstration initiatives in state-owned assets and enterprises are also taken into consideration during the selection process.

China Haisum has been dedicated to reform and development, as well as green transformation. It provides customers with comprehensive smart engineering services, including consulting and design, intelligent construction, digital delivery, intelligent operation and maintenance, technological research and development, and investment and financing. Additionally, the company engages in diversified businesses such as green "dual-carbon" initiatives. As a national high-tech enterprise, being selected as a "Science and Technology Reform Model Enterprise" once again will further stimulate technological innovation and contribute to achieving the "dual-carbon" goals and promoting green and sustainable development in the light industry sector.

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