China Haisum's Top Leaders Visit Macao, China to Conduct a Series of Business Activities

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From May 3 to 4, Zhao Guoang, Deputy General Manager of Poly Sinolight, Secretary of China Haisum CPC Committee, and Chairman of China Haisum, along with other members, visited Macao, China, to engage in a series of business activities. They separately met with Director Tan Weiwen of the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government, Dean Ma Yibing of the Macao Environmental Research Institute at Macau University of Science and Technology, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and General Manager Wang Hongxiang of China Harbour Engineering Company (Macao).

During their visit to the Environmental Protection Bureau in Macao, Tan Weiwen warmly welcomed Zhao Guoang and his delegation for a discussion and exchange. The representatives from China Haisum highlighted the company's technical advantages in energy conservation, environmental protection, municipal facilities, urban renewal, civil construction, and traditional light industry. They also shared their overseas business and showcased their typical achievements and core technologies in smart engineering.

Tan Weiwen expressed his welcome to the visit of China Haisum. He mentioned that as one of the world's tourism and leisure centers, with one of the highest population densities, Macao's light industry, tourism, and hotel industry take the lead. He also introduced Macao's urban development, environmental protection strategic goals, development positioning, and upcoming projects. He expressed the anticipation for extensive cooperation with China Haisum.

Zhao Guoang expressed his gratitude for the recognition from the Environmental Protection Bureau of Macao. He emphasized that the mission of China Haisum is to "contribute to a better life through smart engineering", and with Macao's developed tourism industry, it is closely related to the people's quality of life. China Haisum is committed to providing the highest quality engineering services and looks forward to making more contributions in the development of Macao, strengthening cooperation in the fields of energy conservation, environmental protection, civil construction, and themed parks, and assisting in the construction of Macao's urban areas.

In the afternoon of that day, Zhao Guoang and his delegation visited Macau University of Science and Technology. They had discussions and exchanges with Ma Yibing, Dean of the Macao Environmental Research Institute. They also visited the National Observation and Research Station of Coastal Ecological Environments in Macao and the Key Laboratory of Digital Twin Watershed of the Ministry of Water Resources.

During their visit, Zhao Guoang and his delegation also visited China Harbour Engineering Company (Macao) and received a warm welcome from General Manager Wang Hongxiang and other leaders, including Wang Wei. Both sides had in-depth discussions on how to leverage their respective advantages, strengthen business collaboration, and explore opportunities for cooperation in multiple fields.

Zhang Zhi, General Manager of the Business Development Center and the Overseas Business Division, and Luo Jun, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of China GDE Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Haisum, together with other technical personnel, participated in the visit.

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