China Haisum's Inaugural "Voyage Program" Compound Talent Training Camp Makes Its Debut

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On April 28, the opening ceremony of China Haisum's inaugural "Voyage Program" compound talent training camp was held at its Headquarters in Shanghai. Zhao Guoang, Deputy General Manager of Poly Sinolight, Secretary of China Haisum CPC Committee, and Chairman of China Haisum, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Li Yimin, Deputy Secretary of China Haisum CPC Committee and the Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of China Haisum, gave an opening address. Xiang Yu, Deputy Dean of the Lifelong Education Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, was invited to the opening. Personnel from the company's HR Management Center, Business Development Center, and the Lifelong Education Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, along with the first group of 74 trainees, jointly attended the opening ceremony to witness this momentous occasion.

The ceremony consisted of speeches by leaders, plaque unveiling, flag presenting, project introductions, speeches by student representatives, and lectures by leaders.

Li Yimin delivered the opening speech. He pointed out that this training camp brings together outstanding employees and future elites from various companies in the field of market expansion. It has carefully designed training courses that combine teaching and learning, providing an interactive platform for communication and improvement. He hopes that all trainees can cherish the training opportunity, enjoy the learning process, cultivate friendships with colleagues, make the most of their time, and achieve fruitful results in their studies!

Zhao Guoang and Xiang Yu unveiled the plaque for "Haisum Training Camp"!

Zhao Guoang presented the class flag to the first group of the training camp!

Director Liu Bo of the HR Management Center provided an explanation of the training program, and student representative Wang Yiping delivered a speech.

Zhao Guoang delivered an opening mobilization speech.

He pointed out that the establishment of the compound talent training camp is an important measure for the CPC Committee of the company to implement the requirements that science and technology is the primary productive force, talents are the primary resource, and innovation is the primary driving force. It is also in line with the company's talent planning for the "14th Five-Year Plan", promoting the growth and progress of young talents and meeting the practical needs of building a "Market Iron Army" for China Haisum. He introduced the company's key reform and development work in recent years from five aspects: "strategy and vision", "reform and management model", "market and business model", "brand and culture", and "life and employee growth path". He emphasized the importance of cultivating compound talents for seizing new opportunities, meeting new challenges in the future, and discussed the requirements for high-quality development, finding the positioning for individuals and teams, and finding the direction for progress under the company's "Two New, Two Big" new layout, truly realizing self-worth.

Zhao Guoang encouraged the trainees, stating that the company will provide internal entrepreneurial opportunities to highly ambitious, courageous, strategic-minded, and high-performance compound talents. Efforts will be made to construct a scientifically reasonable career development channel, offering greater space for diverse talent development.

He emphasized that a high-quality "Market Iron Army" with distinct China Haisum characteristics, being politically strong, operationally excellent, disciplined, and quick in action, is the company's foundation for achieving the goals of the "14th Five-Year Plan". The trainees were encouraged to showcase a spirit of challenging limits, deepen their embrace of change, and embrace a completely new future. They should approach their studies with a full spirit, a proper attitude, and a rigorous academic style. They were expected to solidly grasp every lesson, transforming what they learn into motivation and capability for taking action and entrepreneurship. They should use passion to face unknown challenges and strive to leave a mark on this era.

On April 27, 74 trainees from various business units gathered in Shanghai and quickly integrated into their roles through various ice-breaking activities, getting ready for the training.

From April 28 to 29, the first compound talent training camp officially kicked off. Through internal marketing systems, digital thematic training, and leadership and project marketing courses taught by two professors from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the camp aimed to enhance the market-oriented mindset and management awareness of backbone personnel in production operation and technical management. The goal was to create a "Market Iron Army" for China Haisum.

The "Voyage Program" is an important part of the company's "Haisum Training Camp" training system, focusing on comprehensive training in management and skills for the company's professional backbone, to improve their political awareness, professional competence, and business skills, and cultivate compound talents who strongly identify with China Haisum's culture. This training camp was jointly organized by the headquarter's HR Management Center and the Business Development Center, and hosted by the Lifelong Education Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The training camp will last for 9 months and is divided into five stages. Through online and offline interactions, thematic seminars, experience sharing, and final reports, trainees will systematically learn management, technical, and marketing courses, as well as internal training courses on Haisum corporate culture, digitalization, market marketing systems, finance, risk control, etc. During this time, the company will also release online course learning tasks through an online learning platform to help trainees rapidly improve their overall workplace abilities.

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