China Haisum in Action to Practice the ESG Concept

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In May 2022, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) issued the "Work Plan for Improving the Quality of Listed Companies Controlled by Central Enterprises", which proposes that central enterprise group companies should coordinate efforts to promote the complete, accurate, and comprehensive implementation of the new development concept by listed companies, further improve the ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) work mechanism, enhance ESG performance, and demonstrate leadership and exemplary role in the capital market.

On April 27, China Haisum released its first ESG report. In both domestic and global capital markets, the ESG concept is increasingly becoming an important consensus and attracting greater attention from investors. China Haisum proactively adapts to the trend of ESG development and actively practices the ESG concept. It has embraced the corporate mission of "contributing to a better life through intelligent engineering" and the core values of "responsibility, innovation, green, professionalism, and inclusiveness." By adhering to high standards of social responsibility, China Haisum has achieved significant results.

E - Environment

Advancing Digital Transformation for Sustainable Development

In response to the development needs of industrial digitization and low-carbon transformation, the company focuses on its core business and refines new technologies, new processes, and new demonstration projects. It continuously achieves new breakthroughs in the application of integrated "digital and smart" technologies and environmental protection technologies in the industry, enhancing the company's service competitiveness.

Empowering the Smart Project

The company regards digital transformation as a key task during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. By advancing digital construction, it aims to enhance the digital level of production methods and explore new digital business and commercial models, creating new sources of profit growth for the company.

The company emphasizes the top-level design and execution planning of scientific research and development, and has released the "14th Five-Year Plan for Digital Transformation". It has established an Engineering Information Modeling (EIM) Digital Innovation Center, which combines the characteristics of the business and focuses on the construction of digital capabilities in industrial engineering, based on Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Green and Sustainable Development

The company is committed to promoting industrial green and low-carbon transformation. It aims to create a flexible and agile application platform, as well as a digital and intelligent carbon management system. By combining low-carbon processes and digital platforms, it provides customers with comprehensive, end-to-end, and lifecycle engineering consulting service solutions.

The company has been dedicated to researching and implementing environmental protection technologies. It actively explores new technologies and methods in the field of environmental protection. With abundant technical reserves and practical experience, it holds multiple environmental protection technology patents. These technologies have been successfully applied in numerous domestic and international projects, achieving significant environmental and social benefits. The establishment of the Dual Carbon Innovation Center focuses on the comprehensive and systematic research of dual carbon-related technologies. It aims to improve the innovation and service capabilities of the light industry and construction-related industries in dual carbon technology. Moreover, it has established a leading platform for digital ecological services in the domestic light industry, opening up new growth opportunities.

S - Society

Constructing Quality Projects and Enabling Win-Win Development

The company prioritizes technology research and development, constantly innovating to improve the level and quality of engineering design. it strictly adheres to the ISO9001 Quality Management Standard and ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard. It has established a quality assurance system to strengthen control and supervision over project processes, ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, meet customer needs and expectations, enhance market competitiveness and reputation, and achieve sustainable development.

The company actively participates in rural revitalization and donates to provide assistance, contributing to society through practical actions. It has established a systematic system and processes through supplier management and risk management. By creating a fair and competitive environment, it promotes a win-win relationship with suppliers.

Strengthening R&D and Innovation

Innovation is the fundamental driving force for the company's sustainable development. The company focuses on supporting major technological innovations, the development of key industry applications, and the promotion of industrialization. It engages in activities related to technology innovation and knowledge accumulation, establishes standardized intellectual property management, enhances awareness of intellectual property protection, and promotes R&D innovation and the creation of independent intellectual property rights.

In 2022, the company's R&D investment was RMB 207.2061 million, a year-on-year increase of 14.99%. R&D investment accounted for 3.62% of the operating income, an increase of 0.2%. Guided by the Poly Group's "Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand-Hundred Million" action roadmap and the "Scientific and Technological Reform Demonstration Action" goals, the company has engaged in industry-academia research collaborations with South China University of Technology and Xi'an Jiaotong University. It has continued to advance the formulation of 12 national mandatory standards for light industry engineering projects and 3 industry standards, and has released 8 standards. The company as well as subsidiaries at various levels have submitted 7 entries for the "2022 China Light Industry Federation Science and Technology Award", and have cumulatively received 143 awards in various science and technology and engineering categories. It has applied for 83 patents (including 21 invention patents) and 28 software copyrights. It has been granted 55 patents (including 7 invention patents) and 9 software copyrights. Technical level evaluations have been completed for 21 scientific and technological achievements.

Performing Social Responsibilities

The company is involved in activities such as investing in the construction of agricultural production bases and supporting rural industrial development. These initiatives aim to help local farmers increase their income, improve their living conditions, and promote rural economic development. The company also participates in community construction, charitable donations, poverty alleviation, and educational assistance activities. These efforts provide assistance to community residents, improve community environment and living conditions, and promote the sustainable development of communities.

Every year, the company holds special meetings to study and deploy paired assistance work. It ensures the organization, measures and funding for the assistance work, providing guarantees for its solid advancement. The company has selected and dispatched several outstanding cadres from the headquarter and its subsidiary companies in CEC, CLWD, Nanning Branch, and Beijing Branch to serve as resident officials in the paired assistance. In 2022, the company has cumulatively donated RMB 264,100 for various causes including the "Beautiful Countryside" construction assistance in Tingxi Village, Shanghai, assisting impoverished university students in Meichao Village, Hubei, providing assistance to disadvantaged groups in Fuxing Road community, as well as poverty alleviation projects in Guihua Village in Hubei, and Huanlou Village in Guangxi. The company has established a long-term poverty alleviation mechanism and invested special funds to purchase local agricultural products, establish orchard farms for hard tomatoes, and carry out infrastructure renovations. By focusing on industrial assistance, the company strives to enhance the local development's "hemopoietic function" and endogenous driving force.

G - Governance

Upholding Responsible Management and Creating a Vibrant Workplace

Bearing in mind the mission of a central enterprise, the company always reflects on value creation, never forgets its social responsibilities, and is striving to foster a customer-oriented, employee-focused, and shareholder-value mindset. It is committed to becoming a "leading domestic and internationally renowned" technology-driven engineering company. The company emphasizes talent development and recruitment, establishing a growth system that links employee performance, job promotion, and professional title evaluation. It actively attracts talents related to its business and ensures that talents meet the various business needs.

Improving Governance Effectiveness with Party Building as the Guide

The company's CPC committee takes the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the CPC as its action guide and uses "Party building promotion project" as the carrier. It focuses on the theme of high-quality party building to support high-quality development and systematically promotes the work of the "Party building promotion year", providing a strong guarantee for the company's high-quality development.

The company adheres to the principle of "two consistencies" and continuously improves the system of modern enterprises with Chinese characteristics. The company's CPC committee, Shareholders' Meeting, Board of Directors, Supervisory Board, and management team fulfill their respective responsibilities and operate in a standardized manner in accordance with their rules and regulations. The company attaches importance to establishing a candid and trusting relationship with investors. By effectively communicating with investors and conveying the company's values, the "value creation" of the company is reflected in the capital market, realizing the discovery of the company's market value.

Gathering Talents to Solidify the Foundation for High-quality Development

The career development of employees is closely related to the development of the company. In order to achieve a win-win situation for both enterprise development and employee growth, the company has established a relatively sound system. It acquires internal talents through internal training, selection, and competition, while also recruiting external talents through social and campus recruitment.

To further deepen and consolidate the quality of tenure and contract-based management, the company and its subsidiaries have scientifically formulated a method for secondary distribution of total wages. By clearly defining contract requirements, rigid assessments, and meeting obligations, it strengthens the equality of responsibilities, rights, and obligations of the management team members, allowing for income adjustments and position changes. Effective communication platforms have been established, and regular employee representative conferences are held to provide updates on company operations and discuss issues of employee concern, thus enhancing the communication between the company's management team and employees.

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