Work Exchange between China Haisum and Shenwan Hongyuan Securities

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On the morning of November 23, Zhao Guoang, Chief Economist of China Light Industry Group Co.,Ltd., Secretary of CPC Committee and Chairman of China Haisum, warmly received the visiting group led by Yang Yucheng, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee and General Manager of Shenwan Hongyuan Securities. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions around the reform, development strategies, human resources construction, and Party building of state-owned enterprises, and exchanged cooperation intentions.

Yang Yucheng and his party toured China Haisum Brand Exhibition Hall, and learned about the development of the company's light industry engineering services in the past 70 years, as well as the performances of China Haisum's intelligent engineering services in fields like pulping and paper making, tobacco, food fermentation, fine chemicals, electronic appliances, and environmental protection in detail.

At the symposium, Ma Xiaoyong, General Manager of Organization Department of Party Committee and Human Resources Department of Shenwan Hongyuan Securities, Zhou Haichen, General Manager of SWS Research, and Lin Lin, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary of Board of Directors of China Haisum gave a speech from their respective professional point of view.

Yang Yucheng introduced the history, industrial advantages and reform process of Shenwan Hongyuan Securities and noted that it could provide customers with all-round services ranging from strategic formulation, industrial analysis, financial services and customer resource sharing, etc.  It is hoped that the two sides shall have deeper exchange and cooperation in all aspects of enterprise management.

Zhao Guoang introduced a series of reform and transformation work carried out by China Haisum led by the "14th Five-Year Plan". He said that China Haisum, as a listed company, cannot develop without the support of the capital market, and he hoped that through the all-round services of and cooperation with Shenwan Hongyuan, the Company will achieve leapfrog development and continuously develop its greater market value. Zhao Guo'ang made an outlook on further deepening the cooperation between the two sides, expecting the two sides to carry out all-round cooperation and exchange in industry research, client resources sharing, business management, and Party building, etc.

Bao Jianxiang and Hao Xiang, Executive General Managers of Shenwan Hongyuan Financing Services Corporation, Tang Meng, an analyst of construction industry of the Research Institute, Wang Senhao, Director of Board Office of China Haisum, and Pan Zhixiang, General Manager of EIM Digital Innovation Center, attended the work exchange meeting.

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