Work Exchange between China Haisum and National Engineering Research Center for Papermaking and Pollution Control, South China University of Technology

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On February 6, Hu Jian, Director of the National Engineering Research Center for Papermaking and Pollution Control of South China University of Technology, led a team to visit China Haisum for exchange and cooperation. Chen Rongrong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and President of the Company, and Zhou Yuan, Vice President and Technical Director of the Company, warmly received the visiting group. 

At the symposium, the two sides exchanged views on deepening cooperation and the University’ project regarding development platform of friction material for large power transmission. Zhang Zhi, General Manager of the Company's Market Development Center, and Han Lei, Deputy Director of Dual-Carbon Scientific and Technological Innovation Center, introduced the development plans of intelligent manufacturing and dual-carbon business respectively. 

Hu Jian highlighted several key points like the problem of high-end paper-based materials, independent technical breakthroughs in key technologies and equipments, and the establishment of a new "production, learning and research" mechanism in the Center. He pointed out that it has been proved that following the "lower" imitation of paper-making equipment isn’t working and that a new path of "independent research and development" must be taken. “As a leader  in the intelligent pulping and papermaking engineering service, we look forward to carrying out deeper exchanges and cooperation with China Haisum in paper making .” He added.

Chen Rongrong said that Prof. Hu's report pointed out the direction for paper making engineering, which was at the bottleneck of development and that China Haisum hoped to carry out in-depth cooperation with South China University of Technology and give full play to their respective advantages in special paper making so as to jointly establish an internationally advanced and domestically leading intelligent paper making engineering.” The two sides were expected to further strengthen technical exchanges, carry out the research and development of key generic technologies, and work together to solve difficulties and sore points in paper making, facilitating more scientific and technological achievements to get transformed.

During the visit, Hu Jian and his delegation toured the China Haisum Brand Exhibition Hall. Long Jin, Director of the Institute of Structural and Electromagnetic Function-based Materials of South China University of Technology, Qiao Yuanjian, Ph.D. of the Center, and heads of relevant departments of the headquarter  and leaders of the Shanghai office attended the meeting. 

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