China Haisum empowering the "Smart Project", helping to realize "dual-carbon" goal

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On December 10, 2022, the 6th 2022 UNIDO Global Science and Technology Innovation Conference was successfully held in Shanghai.   At the Conference, China Haisum was awarded the "Global Zero Carbon City Innovation Pioneer Award", and the "Singapore Sulfur Granulation Project" contracted by China Haisum won the "2022 Global Zero Carbon City Practice Pioneer Global Award". 

The "Global Zero Carbon City Innovation Pioneer Award", referred to as the "Z-Carbon Award", is divided into four categories: "Global Zero Carbon City Creative Scheme Award", "Global Zero Carbon City Practice Pioneer Award", "Global Zero Carbon City Enterprise Award" and "Global Zero Carbon City Outstanding Youth Award", which are awarded to schemes, practices, enterprises and youth with global innovative exemplary value in the fields of zero-carbon cities/parks/buildings, new energy, green transportation, ecological environment, green building materials, new materials, intelligent equipment, carbon-neutral management, digital platform, ESG information disclosure, circular economy, and talent training, etc.

The Singapore sulfur granulation project is one of the general contracting projects undertaken by China Haisum in developed countries overseas in recent years. The project, practicing the green concept and adopting the low water and low steam granulator system, has the single sulfur granulator with the largest processing capacity in the world at present, making the water consumption of a single granulator be reduced from 3 tons/hour to 0.95 tons/hour. Therefore, four granulators are able to save about 60,000 tons of water annually. In addition, the steam consumption of a single granulator can be reduced from 1,000 kg/hour to 111.16 kg/hour, and thus four granulators can save about 2,600 tons of steam annually.  For the first time, a dual heat tracing system has been applied to the sulfur storage tank. The release of SO2 and H2S on the tank top is basically zero, effectively reducing the impact on the environment and achieving practically controllable zero carbon goal! 

China Haisum also made exchange on zero-carbon city experiences at the Conference. As the largest comprehensive engineering company  providing engineering technology and EPC services including designing, consulting, and supervision, etc. in China's light industry, China Haisum has now begun to build a dual-carbon scientific and technological innovation center to systematically carry out "dual carbon" technology research on the basis of its main businesses. Given its own engineering technologies in light industry, brewing and environmental protection, China Haisum conducts research on monitoring and management of carbon emission in the process of production and manufacturing of its customers and explores energy-saving and low-carbon technologies, forming the capacity to systematically develop an overall solution of "low carbon and carbon reduction" to meet customers’ demands for carbon emission management in the future.  

China Haisum adheres to "contribute to a better life with smart projects", and in recent years, it has promoted the construction of a zero-carbon city through scientific and technological innovation, helping to achieve the "double-carbon" goal.
1 Explore new models of low-carbon transformation and development in the paper industry
In the middle of this year, the company signed a strategic cooperative agreement with the Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Ltd., one of the world's famous case board paper and pulp producers, to jointly carry out low-carbon technological innovation research, exploring new models of low-carbon transformation and development in the paper industry. 

According to the agreement, a dual-carbon research institute shall be set up. high-end professionals in the fields of pulping and paper making, low-carbon emission, energy conservation and environmental protection shall be recruited to carry out scientific research on and pilot of core technologies in dual-carbon, promote low-carbon scientific and technological innovation, promote the industrialization of new low-carbon technologies, new products and new processes. Both parties shall conduct in-depth cooperation in policy research, "dual-carbon" goal realization path, digital intelligent carbon system practice and application, data mining analysis, carbon finance and other fields, and apply the digital and intelligent means to help achieve the "dual-carbon" goals.

2. Set up a dual-carbon science and technology innovation center to help the industry achieve "dual-carbon" goals
The China Haisum Dual-Carbon Science and Technology Innovation Center will comprehensively carry out "dual-carbon" technology research and enhance the "dual-carbon" technology innovation and service capacities in light industry and other related industries. The company aims to establish a high-level center that is influential in research on "dual carbon" theories and policies, values "dual-carbon" talent cultivation and "dual-carbon" technology innovation, creating a new curve of growth.

In addition, the company will help industrial enterprises to achieve the "dual-carbon" goals and sustainable development in a scientific and low-cost manner, and set up platforms for "dual-carbon" technological innovation, talent cultivation and policy research.

3. Recreate green hills and clear waters with intelligent engineering projects 
China Haisum has made continuous breakthroughs in the fields of waste incineration for power generation, sewage, solid waste, and hazardous waste treatments. The company aims to recreate green hills and clear waters with intelligent engineering services and have completed many benchmarking projects in the industry such as the largest waste incineration project in the country that has been completed and put into operation at one time, the first domestic waste power generation project with ultra-high pressure reheating technology, the world's first pulping tailwater zero-discharge project, and the world’s largest single-line plasma disposal device for hazardous waste in the world. 

Through such energy conservation and environmental protection, and resource recycling projects, China Haisum has been continuously innovating and optimizing its intelligent engineering system so as to lead high-quality and sustainable development of light industry and accelerate the achievement of the "dual-carbon" goals.

Reclaimed Water Reuse Demonstration Project of Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone 
(The world's first pulping wastewater zero discharge project)

Changsha Domestic Waste Advanced Comprehensive Treatment (Clean Incineration) Project
(At that time, the project with the largest scale in domestic single factory has been completed)

Angola’s Diesel oil & Solar Energy Complementary distributed Power Generation Project
(A new attempt to combine traditional energy with new one

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