China Haisum carrying out training on standardized operation of Board of Directors of its subsidiaries and compliant performance of directors

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To promote standardized operation of Board of Directors of subsidiaries of China Haisum and compliant performance of directors, strengthen compliance construction of operation of the Company's Board of Directors and to enable high-quality development of enterprises with efficient corporate governance, China Haisum organized training on December 6.

Geng Chen, legal adviser of Grandall Law Firm (Shanghai), conducted a special training on the background, legal policy system and specific requirements of standardizing construction of the Board of Directors, powers and procedures of Board of Directors, and core points of directors' compliant performance of duties in combination with the situation of  the state-owned listed company.

Participants also exchanged views on standardized operation of Board of Directors and its operating rules.

The training popularized the relevant state-owned assets requirements and legal basis for directors to perform their duties in compliance with law, improved directors’ legal awareness of compliant performance of their duties, providing institutional assurance to the Company's compliant, sustainable, stable and healthy development.

The training was hosted by Wang Senhao, Director of Office of Board of Directors, and attended by Lin Lin, CFO and Secretary of Board of Directors, Du Daoyou, Vice President, General Legal Adviser and Chief Compliance Officer, and directors and relevant personnel of all subsidiaries

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