Party Committee of Shanghai, visited our company for inspection

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On December 5, Cao Liqiang, Secretary of  Xuhui District CPC Committee of Shanghai and his party visited our company to learn about the company's development, our appeals and suggestions. Relevant responsible persons of Xuhui District Committee Office, District Planning Bureau and Tianping Sub-District accompanied the visit. Zhao Guoang, Secretary of CPC Committee and Chairman of the company, received the delegation warmly.

During the visit, the delegation toured  the China Haisum Brand Exhibition Hall, and showed great interest in learning about our history, main businesses, advantages of engineering services in areas like pulping and papermaking, food fermentation, tobacco, civil and public buildings, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy and new materials, as well as the company’s achievements and planning in intelligent manufacturing and digital development. 

Cao Liqiang spoke highly of the company’s achievements in the field of engineering services and our contribution to the development of Xuhui District, especially our support to the regional pandemic prevention. He also said that connections would be strengthened and services offered, expecting us to play our role as a well-known design enterprise and make new and greater contributions in a new round of urban renewal and reconstruction. 

Zhao Guoang thanked Xuhui District and Tianping Sub-district for their long-term care and support for the reform and development of our company, and said that China Haisum would actively participate in the "three old into three new" reconstruction project in Xuhui District,  contributing Haisum wisdom to the construction of a beautiful Xuhui District. 

The reception was accompanied by Lin Lin, CFO and Secretary of Board of Directors, Du Daoyou, Vice President and General Legal Advisor and Chief Compliance Officer, and heads of relevant functional departments of the Headquarters

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