Stick to "two first", do well in lean management and uphold the "red line" of safe production firmly

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On December 1, China Haisum held the 14th Meeting of Safe production Committee. Zhao Guoang, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman, Chen Rongrong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and President of the company, Li Yimin, Deputy Secretary of the CPC committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee, Chen Zhiming, Vice President, Du Daoyou, Vice President and General Legal Adviser, attended the meeting. Personnel from the relevant departments of the headquarters, heads of the subsidiaries and relevant departments attended the meeting on site or through video. The meeting was chaired by Chen Zhiming. 

At the meeting, Li Hongxin, Deputy Director of the Safe Production Supervision Department of the headquarter, made a report on  "A Summary of 2022 Safe Production Work in China Haisum". Tang Chong, Deputy General Manager of Project Management Department of China CEC and manager of Jinli and Jinyi projects in Zhejiang, shared his thoughts on lean management and safety management of general contracting projects. All subsidiaries reported their safe production work in 2022 and plans for next year. 

At the meeting, Chen Rongrong pointed out that safety is a systematic work with only a starting point and no ending point. We must do the following three aspects well with the sense of urgency of "always on the road":
·Fundamental construction
Establish red line awareness, improve the setting of safety management organization, and implement safety management with digital means to improve efficiency;
·Strict control over major safety risks
Implement lean safety management seriously, strengthen the screening of major safety risks, and plan construction periods scientifically; 
COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control 
We should always keep alert and continue to build a solid defensive line for pandemic prevention and control.

At the end of the meeting, Zhao Guoang delivered a concluding speech on "Strengthen strict control and management and improve the operation quality of safe production continuously" and highlighted three requirements based on the situation of the Company: 
·We must uphold "two first" and stick to the "red line" of safe production firmly and resolutely.
All units must always stick to the concept of "people first and life first", keep carrying main responsibility of safe production on their shoulders, grasp it in their hands, be clear about their duties and responsibilities, strengthen the concept of bottom line, prevent and control safety risks, work to put people's life safety in the first place and eliminate all potential safety risks. 

·We must earnestly carry out lean safety management and implement safe production in line with strict quantitative standards. 
All units are required to implement lean management of project safety in an earnest manner. This year is the "year of lean management" of China Haisum. Thus we shall follow the concept of "eight-dimensional lean management" proposed by Liu Hualong, Chairman of Poly Group, so as to improve intrinsical safety level. In particular, it is necessary to implement the requirements of "precise governance" and "precise process", and gradually assign safe production responsibilities to person in charge at different levels in enterprise, and make every effort to get through the "last meter, and even the last centimeter" of the implementation of the safety responsibility. 

·We must keep fighting and make all efforts to ensure safe production in the large sense.
All units must attach importance to and strengthen the staffing and training of safety management personnel. Leaders at all levels should express their concerns about safety with words, offer support with actions, designate experienced professional safety management personnel, strengthen professional training to improve safety management level. 

At last, he stressed that leaders at all levels and from all units should fully realize the complexity, severity and urgency of safe production and have a sense of responsibility that "cannot be let go at any time" in implementing safety instructions, hold the bottom line of safe production and curb safety incidents resolutely.

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