Sharing the Friendship of Cooperation and Discussing the New Chapter of Development! Zhao Guo'ang Receives a Delegation Led by Shi Mingfang from Bright Food Group

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On October 31, Zhao Guo'ang, secretary of the CPC Committee and chairman of China Haisum, warmly received a delegation led by Shi Mingfang, the chairman of Bright Food Group, to have a discussion and exchange and discuss a new mode of cooperation.

The delegation led by Shi Mingfang visited China Haisum Brand Exhibition Hall and learned about the historical evolution and organizational structure of China Haisum. Both Parties had a detailed exchange on the Company's technological and engineering service capabilities in the fields of food brewing, grain storage, energy conservation and environmental protection, and new energy and new materials.

During the discussion, Wang Lixue, deputy general manager of Shanghai head office, briefly introduced the series of Bright Food Group projects undertaken in the past, and explained in detail the company's engineering achievements in the fields of dairy processing, beverage engineering, agricultural products, food engineering, sugar manufacturing project of brewing engineering, granary project, etc.

Shi Mingfang reviewed the past cooperation projects between Bright Food Group and China Haisum, expressed his gratitude and affirmation to Haisum, and was full of confidence in continuing friendship and deepening cooperation between the two sides.

Zhao Guo'ang extended a warm welcome to the delegation led by Shi Mingfang and thanked Bright Food Group for its long-term support to the China Haisum. He said that over the years, China Haisum has provided more than 100 high-quality engineering design and EPC general contracting services for Bright Food Group and its about 50 enterprises, and both parties have jointly built a number of benchmark projects such as Bright Dairy & Food East China Central Factory. Bright Food Group is an important partner of China Haisum, and hopes to strengthen exchanges with each other, and carry out broader cooperation in the fields of grain storage, cold chain logistics, green food processing, public supporting facilities and auxiliary office and living areas, so as to empower the high-quality development of the food industry together.

Also present in the discussion were leaders from the Bright Food Group, including Zhu Yong, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Zhu Chenhong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Li Lin, Vice President, Gao Weihua, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Xiao Hehua, Chief Financial Officer, Pan Jianjun, Chairman of the Labour Union, Shao Liming, Chief Economist, Ding Shaoxue, Deputy General Manager of the Administration Department, as well as the leaders from China Haisum, such as Li Yimin, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission, Lin Lin, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary of the Board of Directors, Zhou Yuan, Vice President and Technical Director, and relevant leaders of the headquarters and Shanghai head office.

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