Cooperation and Mutual Benefits | Guanhao High-Tech's 300,000-ton White Cardboard Machine Relocation EPC Project is Formally Signed

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On October 20, China Haisum and Guangdong Guanhao High-Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guanhao High-Tech) held a signing ceremony for the "300,000-ton White Cardboard Machine Relocation EPC Project" in Guangzhou. Zhao Guo'ang, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of China Haisum, and Xie Xianlong, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of Guanhao High-Tech attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. Lin Lin, member of the CPC Committee, chief financial officer and secretary of the board of directors of China Haisum, Liu Lixin, member of the CPC Committee and deputy general manager of Guanhao High-Tech, Tang Liming, assistant general manager and other leaders attended the signing ceremony.

At the ceremony, Xie Xianlong expressed warm congratulations on signing the project on behalf of Guanhao High-Tech. He said that Guanhao High-Tech and China Haisum have deep cooperation sources, and both parties have established long-term and stable cooperative relations in the business fields of design, consulting, project general contracting, construction and electromechanical installation, and achieved many landmark achievements. It is hoped that through this signing, both parties will give full play to their respective advantages in resources and technology, take business collaboration as the starting point, continuously expand the scope of cooperation, enhance market competitiveness, and work together to build a closer new strategic partnership.

At the ceremony, Li Shijun, Chairman of China Light Industry Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CLCC) affiliated to China Haisum, and Xie Xianguo, Chairman of China CEC Engineering Corporation (hereinafter referred to as CEC) affiliated to China Haisum, both parties of the EPC consortium, respectively made a solemn commitment to give full play to their respective technical and professional advantages and go all out to guarantee the promotion of the project under the unified supervision and coordination of the headquarters; Liu Lixin and Gao Guijing, project deputy commander of Guanhao High-Tech, also made speeches respectively, putting forward expectations on deepening the strategic cooperation between the two sides, implementing the Guanhao High-Tech's core business philosophy of low-carbon environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing.

China Haisum is the first listed enterprise in China's professional engineering design service industry, and the largest design and engineering integration service provider in China's pulp and paper industry. It provides engineering services in the whole process from design consultation to procurement, construction, commissioning and so on. For the "300,000-ton White Cardboard Machine Relocation EPC Project" undertaken this time, the implementation mode of internal union - headquarters management and control will be used for the first time. China Haisum headquarters will centrally integrate high-quality resources to implement overall supervision. CLCC will undertake the business of demolition, handling, construction and electromechanical installation, and CEC will undertake the design, giving full play to its professional technical advantages and pragmatically promoting the project landing and implementation.

The signing of this contract is another fruitful achievement of China Haisum in consolidating traditional advantageous industries such as pulp and paper making, and it is also a breakthrough in implementing the requirements of "Year of Customers" and actively practicing the concept of "new business, new channels, big customers and big projects". Under the background that the pulp and paper industry as a whole is moving towards the middle and high end, China Haisum will adhere to the direction of promoting the green and low-carbon transformation and development of the industry, strengthen the guidance of science and technology, keep up with the upgrading needs of products and technologies in the industry, continuously enhance the competitiveness of core technologies, empower customers with advanced productivity such as digital technology, big data and artificial intelligence, and live up to the reputation of "Made in China".

The responsible persons of relevant departments of Guanhao High-Tech, Market Development Center, Strategic Operation Center of China Haisum headquarters and relevant responsible persons of project undertakers attended the signing ceremony.

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