China Haisum (Wuhan) Holds an Open Job Competition Interview

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To further strengthen the construction of the company's cadre team, promote the management and appointment of cadres in a more scientific, democratic and systematized manner, China Haisum Engineering (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. held an open job competition interview On December 7, seeking for the general manager. Xiao Jinlong, Deputy General Manager of Poly SinoLight Group, Zhao Guoang, Chief Economist of Poly SinoLight Group and Party Secretary and Chairman of China Haisum, Chen Rongrong, Deputy Party Secretary and the President, and members of the leadership team, heads of relevant departments of the headquarters, and evaluation experts from third-party institutions came to participate in the meeting together with the leadership team of China Haisum Engineering (Wuhan), middle-level management personnel and some employee representatives as judges for interview scoring and rating. The open job competition interview was overseen by Haisum Disciplinary Committee.

At the meeting, Zhao Guoang made an important speech on behalf of the Party Committee of the company. He pointed out that in 2021, China Haisum conscientiously implemented the various work requirements of Poly Group and Poly SinoLight by adhering to the idea of "problem orientation, goal traction, reform assistance, and innovation empowerment" and centering on the tenets of "inheritance, reform, innovation, and integration" to focus on promoting the three long-term tasks of organizational reform, technology improvement, and digital transformation and doing a good job in this "year of strategy setting, transformation, brand making, digitization and Party building". Especially in terms of the three system reforms, it is not only an important task in the reform year, but also provides talent support for the implementation of the company's strategy. China Haisum (Wuhan) is an important member of China Haisum, and has made important contributions to Haisum and to higher-level units in history. The previous management teams have made outstanding contributions to the development of the company. According to the requirements of the Group, China Haisum decided to introduce a competitive recruitment mechanism in Wuhan company to set up a platform and offer training opportunities for outstanding talents to show themselves, improve themselves and complete themselves. The competition is an important and common method for cadre selection. In the future, more cadres will move to new positions through competition.

As per Zhao Guoang's requirements: Firstly, straighten out the ideas and raise the level of awareness. Adhere to the employment orientation of people-first, matching people and positions to hire demanding talents and select the appropriate leaders; secondly, show oneself and make evaluation fair and impartial. The job competition interview is a process of job exchange, self-examination, talent discovery, and selection of the best. The judges must be responsible for the Party's cause, the development of the enterprise, and the individual cadres to conscientiously perform their duties, exercise their democratic rights, and inspect and evaluate objectively and fairly; thirdly, follow supervision and observe discipline in a strict manner. There shall be strict organizational disciplines and procedures throughout the job competition interview, which must be followed without canvassing, bribery, fraud, or non-organized activities.  

To ensure the fairness, openness and impartiality of the job competition interview, China Haisum has set up a competition leading group and a working group in advance, which is responsible for the formulation and review of the work plan, determining the qualifications of the candidates, solving major problems in the competition work, and reviewing the competition results. Through publicity and mobilization and qualification review, a total of five applicants stood out and were identified as the final candidates for this open competition interview. The five candidates made wonderful speeches at the meeting and completed the proposition interview and replied to the judges' questions, which fully demonstrated their personal abilities. The open competition interview was completed in an orderly manner, and the expected results were achieved.

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