2021 Annual Financial Work Conference Held in Shanghai

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From November 27 to 28, China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. held the 2021 annual financial work conference in Shanghai. The CPC Committee Secretary and the Chairman Zhao Guoang and Deputy Party Secretary and the President Chen Rongrong attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Lin Lin, the Financial Director and Board Secretary.

Zhao Guoang in his speech affirmed the achievements of the company's financial management work. He pointed out that it is necessary to further strengthen comprehensive budget management, adhere to the overall idea of "problem orientation, goal traction, reform assistance, and innovation empowerment", and constantly promote financial management to be more competitive and practical.  

In view of the new challenges faced by the company at the new development stage, Zhao put forward specific requirements for the financial management work at the next stage: the first is to continuously strengthen learning and improve the comprehensive ability and quality; the second is to continuously explore new breakthroughs in financial management; the third is to fully implement refined financial management, and carry out full cost accounting in an orderly manner; the fourth is to establish the concept of "cash priority", continue to strengthen the management and control of "two funds", establish a long-term mechanism, and improve operation quality; the fifth is to adhere to the bottom line of principles, improve financial rules and regulations, and effectively do a good job in financial management and supervision.

Chen Rongrong emphasized the importance of business-finance integration and digital management. In his speech, he pointed out that financial personnel should actively integrate into the business, participate in the whole process of project management and strive to become compound talents for the future development of the enterprise. In the process of enterprise digital transformation, financial personnel should have innovative and forward-looking thinking and continuously improve the real effectiveness of data collection, so as to form a long-term mechanism for automatic analysis and automatic correction.

Lin Lin summarized and analyzed Haisum's performance in the first 10 months of 2021 and the progress of the headquarters' financial work, and made clear arrangements for the responsibilities of the headquarters' financial personnel and the key work of the corporate finance in 2022.  

At the meeting, each unit also made special reports on the improvement of financial management quality, cost accounting, financial talent team training and construction and "two funds" reduction measures. The person in charge of the relevant work of the company's financial found management center also gave a detailed introduction and interpretation of financial accounting standards, digital construction of financial systems, tax risk management and control, standardization system for budget preparation and capital management systems.

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