China Haisum Holds Digital Transformation Training Meeting

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To promote the implementation of China Haisum's digital transformation program, promote the digital transformation of the enterprise, and enhance the production and operation management capabilities of the enterprise, on November 27, China Haisum's digital transformation training meeting was held at the EIM Digital Innovation Center at the company's headquarters. President Chen Rongrong attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Vice President and Technical Director Zhou Yuan, heads of relevant functional departments at the headquarters, major leaders of subsidiaries and heads of digital construction work attended the training.

Chen emphasized in his speech that the fundamental purpose of digital transformation is to enhance the core competitiveness of products and services, so that enterprises can gain greater competitive advantages, find the second curve of future development, and cultivate the ability in dimension reduction strike; the essence of the digital transformation is the improvement of people, which can be understood as an in-depth reform and reconstruction of business model and business management model driven by a new generation of technology innovation; the technology is the fulcrum and business is the core.

As for China Haisum, the challenges faced by digital transformation come from all aspects, from technology control to business innovation, from organizational change to cultural reshaping. The construction of digital capabilities requires the cultivation of core talent teams, which is a comprehensive, long-term and complex system engineering. Enterprises need to formulate long-term plans for digital transformation and make systematic investment in order to build a brand-new enterprise digital core system and provide customers with more efficient and intelligent full-cycle engineering services.

At the meeting, the representative of EIM Center shared the research direction and outcomes of enterprise digital transformation, including the interpretation of China Haisum's digital transformation strategic planning, digital construction of operation and management, digital design and BIM project implementation, and digital factory construction, among others. Under the directive of the "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" policy, the future digital architecture of engineering service business and its outlook were discussed.

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