China Haisum Engineering Holds the Safe Production Work Meeting

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From November 19 to 20, the 12th meeting of the China Haisum Project Safety Working Committee was held in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. A total of 38 staff attended the meeting, including the CPC Committee Secretary and Chairman of the company Zhao Guoang, the Vice President Chen Zhiming, the Vice President and General Legal Counsel Du Daoyou, and board chairmen, general managers and persons in charge of safety management of various subsidiaries. The meeting was chaired by Vice President Chen Zhiming.

At the meeting, Zhao Guoang put forward three specific requirements based on the actual situation of work safety of China Haisum.

Firstly, the political standing must be elevated and the bottom line of safe production shall be firmly seized. The company's safe production committee must thoroughly study and implement the important instructions and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on resolutely grasping safety production and preventing and resolving major safety risks, and strictly follow the safe production requirements of "focusing on ideology and scientific strength to optimize details and safe production-related systems" proposed by Secretary Liu Hualong of Poly Group, so as to effectively unify thoughts and actions into the deployment of safety management work. Maintain a sense of urgency and keep ringing the alarm bell.  

Secondly, it is necessary to pay close attention to key tasks and carry out in-depth inspections of safe production. We must always adhere to the general idea of "problem orientation, goal traction, reform assistance, and innovation empowerment", and focus on "inheritance, transformation, innovation, and integration" to promote all work in this "year of strategy setting, transformation, brand making, digitization and Party building". It is necessary to discover hidden dangers in a timely manner with the aid of monthly safety inspections, key project safety spot checks, random inspections, etc., and earnestly carry out self-inspection and rectification of safety risks and hidden dangers to ensure that safe production inspections are implemented at the most basic level to have all hidden safety hazards identified and rectified.   

Thirdly, it is necessary to target weak links and strictly implement the requirements for safety rectification. By focusing on the prevention and resolution of hidden risks, consciously implement the main responsibility, comprehensively and carefully carry out self-examination and self-correction in the key links that are prone to frequent accidents and casualties, so as to solve hidden risks at the beginning; carry out follow-up inspections, and effectively find out, manage major problems and hidden dangers in place; continue to do a good job in the normalization of pandemic prevention and control and work diligently for 60 days to ensure safety and draw a successful conclusion to the opening year of the company's "14th Five-Year Plan".

Chen Zhiming called on units at all levels to put safety work in the first place by establishing the concept of safe development, improving safety system, optimizing safety production responsibility system, resolutely curbing major safety accidents and improving the ability to prevent safety risks.

Du Daoyou put forward guiding suggestions in terms of target responsibilities, regularized management, training organization and other aspects in combination with the requirements of safety risk control management.

At the meeting, Li Hongxin, the Safety Director, made the report titled "2021 Haisum Safe Production Work Summary". The Charter of Haisum Safe Production Management Committee was reviewed and approved at the meeting. The persons in charge of the safe production management of each subsidiary made special reports and exchanges on the requirements of strengthening the implementation of safe production and continuing to do a good job in pandemic prevention and control.

During the meeting, the engineering project safe production working committee also organized participants to visit the Jiaxing Rayitek polymer film project site to exchange experience in safe production and jointly promote the improvement of safety management.

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