China Haisum Holds the 2021 Annual Risk Control Work and Compliance Work Conference

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On October 30, China Haisum held the 2021 annual risk control work and compliance work conference in Guangzhou. Zhao Guoang, CPC Committee Secretary and Chairman of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd., Du Daoyou, Vice President and General Legal Counsel of China Haisum attended the conference. More than 30 staff including the heads of the risk management center of the headquarters, principals of various subsidiaries, leaders in charge of risk control, general counsel and risk control management department attended the conference.

At the conference, the Risk Management Center reported the overall situation of the system-wide dispute cases, conveyed the corporate compliance management requirements, and publicized and implemented the risk and compliance management system of the headquarters.   

The principals of each subsidiary reported on the company's risk control management work, and the general legal counsel made a report on the development of legal and compliance work in the past two years.

Vice President Du Daoyou reviewed the progress of the company's work in risk management, compliance management, audit supervision, and the construction of the rule of law, and clarified the company's risk management and control work priorities in the next stage and stressed the necessities of adhering to bottom-line thinking and straightening of sense of urgency so as to promote compliance with internal control and create value through compliance;

Chairman Zhao Guoang delivered an important speech titled "Unswervingly Prevent and Control Risks for the Company's High-Quality Development", focusing on five requirements: firstly, strengthen the risk awareness of the company; secondly, improve the risk prevention and control mechanism; thirdly,  improve the ability to resolve risks; fourthly, leading cadres at all levels should strengthen the study of legal knowledge and system documents; and fifthly, optimize and strengthen the company's business and further enhance the risk prevention capability.  

The successful holding of this meeting is of great guiding significance for promoting and deepening the company's risk prevention and control and strengthening the lean management throughout the company. The lawyer Zhang Jianlai from Guangzhou Sunshine Times Law Firm was also invited for the conference to explain the law with the case and have the lesson of "criminal legal risks for state-owned engineering enterprises" for the participants.

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