Poly SinoLight's General Manager Wang Keling Visits Haisum

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On October 18, Wang Keling, Deputy Party Secretary, Director and General Manager of Poly SinoLight, Deputy General Manager Jiang Hao, Deputy General Manager Zhang Xi, Deputy General Manager Xiao Jinlong, Chief Engineer Cao Chunyu and other leaders paid a visit to Haisum. Haisum's leadership team participated in the symposium.  

On behalf of the leadership team, Zhao Guoang, CPC Committee Party Secretary and Chairman of China Haisum, firstly introduced the company's history, organizational structure, shareholding structure, business areas, human resources and other basic information. Meanwhile, Zhao made a report in detail the new team's efforts to strengthen the Party's leadership and difficulties in front of development since taking office as well as continuous deepening of strategic thinking, promotion of organizational reform, revitalization of human resources, strengthening of internal control, improvement of core competitiveness and other key tasks and implementation measures and completion of production and operation from January to September this year, and the development and reform of the year and other key work plans.   

Zhao expressed that in 2021, Haisum would live on "five years", namely, the "strategy year, reform year, brand making year, digitization year, and Party building year", and continue to build three basic platforms for long-term development, that is, to establish a management empowerment platform through the organizational reform, establish a technology innovation platform through technological improvement, and establish a smart service platform through digital transformation. In the years to come, Haisum will continue to promote reforms with sincerity, courage and perseverance under the leadership of Poly SinoLight to realize green and sustainable high-quality development with scale, speed and efficiency.  

Wang Keling affirmed the work achievements of the new leadership team of Haisum in inheritance, transformation, integration, innovation, etc., as well as the active, responsible and enterprising work style.  

By focusing on the next stage of Haisum's work, Wang Keling emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen the leadership of Party building, strategy and technology, and earnestly implement the plan to achieve a wonderful start to the "14th Five-Year Plan".

Firstly, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of the headquarters, enhance basic management, and improve the capabilities of industrial research, project acquisition, resource coordination, cost risk management and control, and policy standard output, so as to create a value-creating headquarters.  

Secondly, it is necessary to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, improve the level of core technology, build and complete EIM center, promote the digitization and intelligence of business, and enhance the ability of engineering services to empower entities.

Thirdly, it is necessary to strengthen business innovation, explore and incubate new businesses, accelerate the transformation to "engineering service provider + operation investor", and improve the quality and efficiency of development.

Fourthly, it is necessary to strengthen risk prevention and control, investigate and deal with operational risks properly, resolve historical legacies, strictly control the entire process of major projects, especially overseas projects, and improve risk management mechanisms and internal control systems.

Fifthly, it is necessary to strengthen team building, the leadership team should be more united and collaborative so as to give full play to their overall advantages and individual expertise. Promote the rejuvenation of leading cadres by setting up a reasonable cadre ladder and encouraging young talents.

Sixthly, it is necessary to strengthen overseas pandemic prevention and control and implement regular prevention and control measures.

Seventhly, we all must continue to do a good job in safe production and keep the red line of no occurrence of major safety accidents.   

Jiang Hao, Zhang Xi, Xiao Jinlong, and Cao Chunyu also put forth requirements and suggestions to Haisum on human resources, contract seal funds and other risk management, lean management requirements, platform construction for listed companies, managerial tenure system and contract work and technology innovation.

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