The Company Organizes Outside Directors and Supervisors to Visit Subsidiaries for Inspection and Survey

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From September 27 to 29, the company organized outside directors and supervisors to go to the Changsha Company and Wuhan Company to conduct inspection and work guidance. Cai Muyi, the Deputy General Manager and Director of Poly SinoLight, Gao Yonglin, the Director of the Finance Department and Chairman of the Company’s Board of Supervisors, and Independent Directors Gao Fengyong and Ding Huiping participated in the inspection. The Secretary of the Board of Directors and Chief Financial Officer Lin Lin and the Vice President Du Daoyou accompanied the inspection. Members of the Changsha Company and Wuhan Company received the inspection team.

During the inspection and discussion, the affiliated Changsha Company and Wuhan Company reported in respective the company’s basic situation, operating performance, advantageous business, development opportunities and challenges, new business growth points, major project promotion, scientific and technological research and development, and the development of the "14th Five-Year Plan" in detail.  

The outside directors and supervisors affirmed the business development of the two subsidiaries, unanimously agreeing that the two companies are competent in maintaining stable operations with potential technical reserves and cadres, and put forward constructive opinions and suggestions on innovative business models, R&D level improvement and achievement transformation ability as well as brand awareness building and risk prevention.

The team also visited the Changsha Municipal Domestic Waste Advanced Comprehensive Treatment (clean incineration) project designed by Guangzhou Company, the headquarters of the Hubei Jinjiu Group and the Jinjiu Group Fenglin Winery Project designed by the Wuhan Company. 

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