Haisum Holds Digital Transformation Strategic Planning and Promotion Meeting

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From September 23 to 24, the 2021 headquarters business management and empowerment special exchange meeting & digital transformation strategic planning and promotion meeting of Haisum was held in Wuhan. The company’s Party Secretary and Chairman Zhao Guoang, the Deputy CPC Secretary and President Chen Rongrong, and the Vice Presidents Zhou Yuan and Chen Zhiming, and the principal leaders of each subsidiary attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Chen Rongrong.

At the meeting, Pan Zhixiang, the Deputy General Manager of EIM Center, delivered a special report on the digital transformation strategic planning with a detailed introduction and explanation on the guiding ideology, digital infrastructure, the design of the digital system framework for operation and production and the concept of new service patterns. The leaders of the Shanghai Business Departments and each subsidiary made respective speeches on the digital transformation strategic planning of the company in combination with the content of the promotion and implementation.

Chen Rongrong made a concluding speech after listening to the reports and speeches. He pointed out that the "future has come" for digital transformation, and engineering companies to be consistently pioneering must be based on their digital viability. The boundary of digital capability is the boundary of development. Whoever can seize the opportunity of digital transformation will take the lead to drive into the "fast lane" of high-quality development. He emphasized that the main purpose of issuing digital assessment KPI to each subsidiary is to raise the technical threshold of the entire industry, reshape customer value experience, create an industrial standard model and competitive highland and obtain a broader and higher space for sustainable development. The essence of digitization is empowerment and inter-dependency. It is necessary to transform the business operating model through connection and sharing to achieve iterative changes in organizational operations through the upgrading of digital driving forces.

Regarding the specific work in the next stage, Chen Rongrong put forward definite requirements: Firstly, the EIM center of each subsidiary company must quickly establish an executive team to cultivate the company's own digital talent pool in practice by taking advantage of specific projects; secondly, the respective enterprise project teams are required to perceive customer needs, pinpoint actual difficulties of customer and continue to create value-added services for customers with digital solutions; thirdly, all subsidiaries are required to follow the overall requirements of "openness, trust, and collaboration" to develop products agreeably, creatively and vigorously to set up collaborative links to help companies further improve the efficiency of smart operations and create more added value.

At the meeting, the company's EIM Center also made a report on the outcomes of special work, and evaluated the 3D design capability of Wuhan Company by taking the Yellow Crane Tower project as a sample in combination with the "3D Design Evaluation Form" just released by Haisum. In the future, the company will also organize professionals to carry out special evaluations on the digital capabilities of each subsidiary.

The person in charge of the Market Development Center of Haisum's headquarters, the person in charge of the International Business Division, the relevant personnel of the EIM Center, and the person in charge of the digitization promotion work of each subsidiary attended this meeting. 

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