Zhao Guoang, the Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of Haisum and his Delegation Visit CEVIA

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On August 30, Zhao Guoang, the Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of Haisum and his delegation paid a visit to Zhengzhou, Henan, and held discussions and exchanges with Zhu Hongbing, the Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of Henan City Development and Environment Co., Ltd. regarding in-depth cooperative relations and expanding cooperation fields. A consensus was reached on expanding the outcomes of cooperation.  

At the meeting, the two parties introduced their respective production and operating conditions and directions of future development, recapped the history of cooperation between CEVIA and Haisum in the field of generating electricity through refuse incineration and held in-depth discussions about the implementation of projects in Minquan, Yiyang, Dengzhou, Puyang and Kashgar. The service of the Haisum project team has been fully affirmed and recognized by the leadership of CEVIA. Both parties expressed that in the hope of further integrating their respective advantageous resources, digital innovation will be leveraged to drive technological service innovation to jointly tap new industrial models and profit growth points so as to effectively expand the in-depth cooperation between the two parties in the fields of energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, and new materials, boosting the high-quality development of enterprises.   

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