2021 Science and Technology Work Conference of Haisum Held in Shanghai

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On July 22, the 2021 Science and Technology Work Conference of Haisum Co., Ltd. was held at the Shanghai head office. Guo Jianquan, the Deputy Secretary and General Manager of Poly SinoLight, Cai Muyi, the Deputy General Manager, Xiao Dan, the Assistant General Manager and Director of the Technology Management and Industry Promotion Center, Haisum leadership team, heads of various business departments of the headquarters, principal leaders and technical leaders of the Shanghai head office and various subsidiaries participated in the conference at the main venue. Personnel in charge of the technical quality system and R&D in each subsidiary participated in the conference at sub-venues via videos. The work conference was presided over by Zhou Yuan, the Vice President and Technical Director of Haisum.

At the conference, Xiao Dan, the Assistant to General Manager of Poly SinoLight, gave feedback on the survey of Haisum's technology development strategy. Zhang Jiajun, the Deputy General Manager of the company’s headquarters technology research and development center, made a special promotion titled "Haisum Technology R&D Center Work Plan", and Pan Zhixiang, the Deputy General Manager of EIM Center, made a special report titled "Smart Factory Constructor". Relevant technical leaders of the subsidiaries at the conference conducted special exchanges and made reports on three model topics: "food waste processing technologies", "rice wine industry related technologies" and "pulp and paper wastewater recycling and ultra-low discharge technologies".  

After listening to the report, Xiao Dan pointed out that the in-depth sharing by professional and technical personnel not only allowed everyone to see the fruitful achievements of Haisum’s decades of development, but also brought forth many enlightening thoughts to the next stage of scientific and technological innovation. Xiao hoped that Haisum could continue to sort out and tap core technologies. Cai Muyi gave on-site guidance on how to effectively implement the work plan reported by the Technology R&D Center. He emphasized that in actual work, we must attach importance to the top-level design of scientific and technological innovation and clarify the management level and work direction; core technology is the key to Haisum’s foothold in the industry and respect earning, which shall be comprehensively studied and justified in consideration of national policies and market capacity to continue to have the core technologies optimized and upgraded. In addition, attention should be paid to systematically solving the problems of R&D investment and personnel incentives in the actual implementation of scientific and technological innovation and R&D.

Guo Jianquan made an important speech to wrap up the conference at the end. He firstly affirmed the significance and effect of this scientific and technological conference, and emphasized that the company should continue to empower its efforts on the road of independent innovation. As per his requirements, the company shall firstly actively make comparison with advanced standards and continue to learn from successful experience to further sort out and extract core competitiveness and technological advantages of enterprises; secondly, we must pay attention to national policies and strengthen the exchange and mastery of external cutting-edge technologies and do a good job of coordination and in-depth connection with various parallel units in accordance with the "14th Five-Year Plan"; thirdly, we must attach importance to high-quality standards and norms to amplify our voice in the industry. He indicated that Poly SinoLight always attaches great importance to scientific research and innovation and will also increase support and incentives for scientific and technological innovation in the future. We must base on the present with long-term visions under the guidance of customer demands to cultivate competitiveness in core technologies for the entire life cycle of projects, focusing on the value transformation of scientific and technological outcomes such as patents, and laying a solid scientific and technological foundation for the reform, innovation and development of Haisum. At the same time, He sincerely wished Haisum a thriving future.

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