Chief Accountant Duan Zhaoqing of Sinolight Corporation and His Delegation Surveyed CLIEC of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd.

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On June 21, Chief Accountant Duan Zhaoqing and the General Manager Assistant Xiao Jinlong of Sinolight Corporation and their delegation surveyed CLIEC of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. Members of the leading group and heads of related departments of CLIEC attended the briefing on survey.

Duan Zhaoqing and his delegation watched the company's promotional video and listened to the special report presented by Wang Jun, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager of the Company. Mr. Duan fully affirmed the recent development of the Company and raised the following requirements: First, since the United Arab Emirates project is of great significance, every effort should be made to assure its successful completion. It's important to create an excellent overseas team for overseas projects through project implementation. Second, as an engineering service provider, CLIEC shall maintain the traditional superiorities of light industry and create its own core competence, thereby enhancing the market share. Third, it's essential to intensively develop EPC service and continuously explore new business models for rapid leap-forward development with controlled risks based on design, consulting and supervision services. Fourth, it's important to seek new economic growth points, develop new industries, get into new sectors, and "think big, work audaciously and do cautiously".

Party Secretary and Chairman Zhang Jianxin of CLIEC expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the leaders of Sinolight Corporation. Zhang Jianxin stressed that the Company would attach great importance to the survey, follow out the corporation leaders' directions and requirements in earnest, take active measures to improve deficiencies, and make every effort for sustainable scientific development of the Company.

After the meeting, Duan Zhaoqing, Xiao Jinlong and their delegation carried out field visit to the administrative area of the Company.

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