For Infinite Joy, for Dreams - The First Badminton Competition of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. Ended successfully

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The first badminton competition of China Haisum was held in Wuhan on June 18-19, 2019. The competition was organized by China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. and co-organized by the Wuhan Branch. This is another important staff sports event following the first table tennis competition of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. held last year. More than eighty players of the nine teams from Haisum Headquarters and the eight subsidiaries took part in the competition. Party Secretary and Chairman Xu Datong delivered a speech and presented trophies and medals to the champion team at the closing ceremony.

The opening ceremony was held on the morning of June 18, when neatly dressed players from each team shout slogans and paraded in high spirits. Zhang Jianxin, Vice President of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. delivered the opening speech, and President Bian Junyi declared the commencement; Li Yimin, Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection and the leaders of some subsidiaries attended the opening ceremony.

During the following two days of competition, each team demonstrated the indomitable competitive spirit and the team spirit of mutual assistance. The players showed great talent; powerful smashes, smart adjustment and accurate cooperation push the court to climax repeatedly; the cheers from cheering squad rose one after another. After close fights, the team champion, second runner-up and third runner-up were won by Changsha Branch, Guangzhou Branch and Haisum Headquarters respectively; champion of each individual item came into being, and every company harvested efforts.

This competition received strong support from the companies, and the company leaders and subsidiary executives took active part therein. In the executive men's doubles and mixed doubles friendlies, General Manager Zhang Qing of Guangzhou Branch and Deputy General Manager Zhao Xiaopeng from Xi'an Branch won men's doubles award; Chairman Chen Zhiming of Changsha Branch and the female player from that company won the mixed doubles award.

The labor union and the league took actions under the call of the Party Committee. In recent two years, the Company has organized various recreational and sports events for the staff and fostered the harmonious corporate culture for the "big family of Haisum", which enhanced the communication and understanding among companies and created an excellent atmosphere for pushing forward the Company's strategy and building the platform.

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