China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. Convened "The Two Offices" Working Conference in 2019

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To improve the performance of the Party Committee Office and President Office (hereinafter referred to as "the two offices"), enhance the brand publicity, and build the unified platform for corporate culture & brand, China Haisum Engineering Co.,Ltd. convened "the two offices" working conference in 2019 in Xi'an on June 13-14. Bian Junyi, Deputy Party Secretary and President of the Company attended the conference on invitation; the conference was presided over by Ma Lan, Director of the Work Department of Party Committee and the President Office at China Haisum Engineering Co.,Ltd. 23 directors and related personnel of Office of Party Committee and Administrative Office of China Haisum Engineering Co.,Ltd. and its 8 subsidiaries such as the Beijing Branch and the Changsha Branch participated in the conference.

The conference communicated and studied the content of the Training Meeting on News Communication & the Meeting on Promotion and Experience Exchange of Party Building of Sinolight Corporation. The 8 subsidiaries reported their Party building and publicity efforts for the first half of the year; the representatives of the headquarters, the Beijing Branch and Changsha Branch shared their experience in operation of WeChat Official Account. In addition, the conference sorted out the specific work of "the two offices", and brought forward the normative requirements on official document writing, presentation of important meeting minutes, summarization and presentation of annual working program, preparation of annual report of enterprise, update of address book of the company, key points of news propaganda, submission & presentation processes, etc.

At the conference, the participants probed into the unified culture brand building for China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. and the promotion of implementation of strategy.

Secretary Bian Junyi delivered an important speech. He brought forward specific requirements for "the two offices" in respect of transition guarantee for maximization of  interests: As far as administration is concerned, it's necessary to establish and improve efficient and orderly operation mechanisms that assure the smooth information communication among levels, the appropriate comprehensive coordination, and the strong service assurance; as far as Party building is concerned, it's important to build bulwarks, firmly lay the foundation for Party building, and enhance the vitality of Party building based on themed education and news propaganda requirements. Next, the two offices shall give priority to the following three assignments. First, improve the political stance and promote the new improvements in coordination between Party building and administration. Second, highlight the political function and improve the effectiveness of the education themed by "staying true to the intention and bearing in mind the mission". Three, attach importance to political guidance and promote the creation of new pattern for news propaganda.

After the meeting, the participants attended the on-the-spot instruction at the Red Education Base in Zhaojin, Tongchuan. At Zhaojin Memorial Hall for Shaanxi-Gansu Junction Revolutionary Base, the participants reviewed the Swearing for Joining, listened to heroic deeds and paid respects to the monument to the heroes, having thereby further consolidated the ideals and beliefs and improved the party spirit cultivation.

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