Zhang Wanshun, Party Secretary and Chairman of Sinolight Corporation and Other Leaders Paid an Inspection Visit to Changsha Branch of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd.

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On the morning of May 10, 2019, Zhang Wanshun, Party Secretary and Chairman of Sinolight Corporation, Deng Huan, Office Director of the Board of Directors of Sinolight Corporation and other leaders paid a survey and inspection to Changsha Branch of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. and Chaint Corporation; all members of the leading groups of both companies attended the survey symposium.

Heads of both companies presented reporting on work at the symposium. Chairman Chen Zhiming introduced the performance of production and operation of the company over the past three years and the progress of two major projects (i.e. PVC and Pengsheng) to the leaders of the Corporation, and reported the bottlenecks in project and company development and the actions of company in business development. Other leaders of the company made supplementary statements respectively.

Party Secretary and Chairman Zhang Wanshun fully affirmed the growth of both companies in recent years, and brought forward detailed requirements for the future operations: First, it's necessary to unify the understanding by means of the publicizing and implementation of the Corporation's plan for joint-stock system development so as to ensure the fulfillment of annual assignment; it's important to maximize economic benefits without neglecting social benefits in a market-centered, benefit-targeted, problem-oriented and demand-guided manner. Second, working for central enterprises, we have to create a sense of mission, enable all employees to have a sense of achievement and honor, and drive business development through technologies. Third, it's necessary to control risks, maintain the stable growth and seek development through extended operation. Fourth, we have to carefully study the series of speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping, hold the bottom line, keep away from the boundary line, and refuse to artificially set lines. Fifth, recognize our strengths, enhance the promotion of Sinolight system benefits, and actively cultivate industry clusters. Sixth, be proactive and innovative to develop business and adhere to the principle of "three selections, two establishments, and one acceptance inspection" (selection of owner, team and subcontractor; establishment of contract and plan; perform all-round acceptance inspection for process management). Seventh, it's essential to create the awareness of rules, get focused on Party building and team enhancement, avoid communication blockage and poor execution, make great efforts for the building of an incorruptible atmosphere, and set a good image; additionally, there should be systems, standards, audits and summaries. Eighth, we must make unremitting efforts to ensure production safety.

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