General Manager Guo Jianquan of Sinolight Corporation and His Delegation Surveyed Guangzhou Branch of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd.

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On May 7, 2019, a survey team led by General Manager Guo Jianquan of Sinolight Corporation surveyed and directed Guangzhou Branch of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd., when the leading group of Guangzhou Branch received and participated in the survey.

First, the survey team visited the new office block of Guangzhou Branch and the Center of S&T Innovation and Brainstorming Area under construction, and gave audience to the reporting on objectives and functions of new departments and facilities.

At the subsequent survey meeting, Chairman Chen of the Guangzhou Branch, on behalf of his leading group, reported the key financial indicators and the progress of major contracts of the Company over the past three years, the current-year production operation performance, the details of current-year development and reform assignments, and the future thought of development, etc.; highlighted the progress of development and reform assignments and various key tasks for year 2019, and reported the measures to be taken for implementation of plan and key tasks of development and reform, the Company's vision of eco-friendliness and people orientation, as well as the future thoughts of development regarding "the tapping of traditional industries", the adherence to "the Belt and Road Initiative", and the enhancement of existence in the environmental protection industry by taking advantage of others' resources and holding to the principle that "nature is the true treasure".

The survey team fully affirmed the achievements of Guangzhou Branch in the innovation & transformation and the participation in environmental protection industry in recent years, and raised the requirements for enhancement of international business development, operation management, and production safety management.

Guo Jianquan delivered an important speech and brought forward four points of requirements. First, keep on enhancing the Party building and make every effort to maintain political integrity, think in big-picture terms, follow the leadership core, and keep in alignment, and fulfill the annual production target; second, provide policy support for enterprise development, and require the enterprise to stimulate employees' passion for innovation in the principle that "no pain, no gain" and that "benefits come from contribution"; third, change the mode of international operation, "go out" following the national policy, find the balance in risk-return relationship, and expand international business; fourth, enhance the bottom-line thinking and the awareness of law and regulation compliance for purpose of steady development of the Company.

In the company of the company management, the survey team went to Dongguan and visited the urban eco-friendly thermal power plant project (formerly known as the Municipal Waste Treatment Plant) designed by Guangzhou Branch for Dongguan. This plant set a benchmark for the household waste treatment industry in Dongguan and even Guangdong Province and China, having been developed into a demonstration base for environmental education in Guangdong Province.

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