NHEC: A Masterpiece of Intelligent Manufacturing by Haisum

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The project of intelligent manufacturing of high-capacity AC compressors at NHEC is an EPC project of globally advanced modern compressor manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing demonstration base and high-efficiency, energy efficient and eco-friendly “green factory” undertaken by China Haisum. From the foundation stone laying to the removal of the first compressor from production line, this project only consumed 268 days, which incarnated the professional competence and service quality of China Haisum as an EPC general contractor in the “intelligent manufacturing” industry.

With the largest investment scale and highest production capacity among the 13 NHEC factories all over the world, the annual production capacity of compressors at NHEC would increase by 15 million sets after the project was brought into operation, and NHEC became one of the world's third largest AC compressor production base.

As the EPC general contractor in the design and construction of the factory of NHEC into a globally advanced modern compressor manufacturing base & manufacturing center and demonstration factory for intelligent manufacturing, China Haisum cooperated and made joint efforts with the client and related parties, and played an active role in the planning, design and engineering construction of intelligent factories, having made an important contribution to the complete success of the Project.

The planning and construction of intelligent factory is a complex system project. All along, the project team of Haisum has been focusing on the Industry 4.0 top-level planning consultation and intelligent factory design; the engineering construction and intelligent production management system are closely combined to address customers' strategic needs for the transformation and upgrading from Internet + manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.

During the construction of the NHEC project, the project team realized the standardization of manufacturing process by planning for the production layout and optimizing the production operation and logistics system with the production characteristics and product features of the compressor industry in mind based on the customer's requirements. In this project, the new-generation information technology, industrial manufacturing technology and engineering technology were combined to an on-demand intelligent factory characterized by the integrated production-supply-marketing planning, the supply chain quality traceability, the cross-regional coordination, the transparence & visibility, the real-time tracking, and the centralized management and control realized through product digitization, intelligent assembly, logistics automation, as well as end-to-end whole-process informatization, networking and integration with assembly line construction as the "core" and with part supply chain as the synergy factor based on compressor manufacturer's personalized needs.

In the overall context of "Made in China 2025", the transformation of development pattern and the upgrading from digitalized factory to intelligent factory have turned into an irreversible trend of industrial development for industrial enterprises. China Haisum will, as always, gave play to its capabilities of intelligent manufacturing project planning integration and its engineering construction expertise so as to boost the growth of intelligent manufacturing industry and promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry in China.

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