China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd Held the Seminar on Cadre Appointment and Development of Investment Company

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On April 28, China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd convened the Seminar on Cadre Appointment and Development of Sinolight Haisum Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Investment Company"). The seminar was chaired by Xu Datong, Party Secretary and Chairman of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd, and attended by the Company's leading group and the heads of related departments, as well as all employees of the Investment Company.

At the beginning of the seminar, President Bian Junyi read out the circular on the appointment of Comrade He Yifan as Director and General Manager of the Investment Company.

He Yifan, Director and General Manager newly appointed for the Investment Company made a position statement. According to He Yifan, he was intensively aware of the heavy responsibilities and arduous tasks, but as an individual, he firmly obeyed the decisions of the company and would assume the responsibilities for leadership and management of the Investment Company by leading his teams to set up the investment and financing platform for coordinating the Company's primary business development. Added to this, he would formulate working rules in line with the business development of the Investment Company based on relevant policies of the Corporation under its guidance, so as to effectively promote investment and financing business.

Then, the Company's leaders and the department heads spoke their mind freely on how to support the development of the Investment Company and set up the investment and financing platform of the Company; the communication and discussion were heated.

In the end, Chairman Xu Datong delivered an important speech: This cadre appointment was based on the decision made by the Party Committee of the Company through deliberate consideration and careful study. It was hoped that Comrade He Yifan would shoulder the heavy burden, switch his role efficiently, and live up to the trust of the Party Organization. With respect to the further development promotion for the Investment Company, Xu Datong highlighted three requirements: First, it was important to improve the foresight. The building of investment and financing platform is a core of the new strategic planning ("one strategy, two platforms, three institutional reforms, four sub-projects, and five priorities"), and the Investment Company serves as an important carrier of the investment and financing platform; hence, the Company's leading group and all subsidiaries and departments have to provide full support for the development of the Investment Company through the implementation of strategic planning. Second, it was important to proceed with confidence. Suitable soil is essential for flowering and bearing. Through nearly three years of hard exploration, the Investment Company gained some favorable conditions in respect of policy support and team building. The employees of the Investment Company should strengthen their conviction and believe they can make a difference in the big family of Haisum. Third, it's important to explore new ideas. The investment and financing platform setup are an important part of the strategic planning of China Haisum Engineering Co.,Ltd. The Investment Company is expected to emancipate its mind, bring the "stage" of operation under the platform and strategy of China Haisum Engineering Co.,Ltd, make wonderful use of its "weapons", give play to the brand, market and synergistic effect of the platform for listed companies, explore new ideas, and push forward the implementation of projects in an efficient manner. Xu Datong stressed that the Investment Company need to further enhance trainings and exchanges, broaden sources of information, and enhance business capabilities. The Company will make timely adjustment of cadre selection and performance appraisal etc. based on the requirements of strategic development, and do its best to promote the growth of the Investment Company.

In addition, Zhou Lifeng, Director of the Board Office and Executive Deputy Manager of the Department of Portfolio Investment interpreted the latest "Reference Standard of Sinolight Corporation for the Introduction of Strategic Investors and the External Investment & Merger".

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