Party Secretary and Chairman Zhang Wanshun of Sinolight Corporation and His Delegation Paid a Survey Visit to China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch

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On April 16, Zhang Wanshun, Party Secretary and Chairman of Sinolight Corporation, Yu Haixing, Deputy Secretary and Executive Deputy General Manager, Deputy Secretary Wang Keling, Chief Accountant Duan Zhaoqing, General Manager Assistant Xiao Jinlong and their delegation (9 in total) visited China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch for survey and guidance.

At the survey meeting, Zhou Bo, Chairman of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch, rendered a report on the Branch's historical development, primary business, Party building, existing problems, next work plan, etc.; leaders of the Corporation communicated with the members of leading groups of the Party and administration of the Wuhan Branch on such focuses as the talent force, the development of food-related business, the conversion of research and development achivements of ancillary equipment for papermaking, the overseas agricultural reclamation, and the business segment of municipal environmental protection.

The corporation leaders fully affirmed the Wuhan Branch in the implementation of the work requirements of Sinolight Corporation and China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd., the development and implementation of strategic planning, and the close efforts for Party building, and put forward directive opinions and requirements on further operation.

Chairman Zhang Wanshun raised six points of operational requirements for the Wuhan Branch from the perspective of solid progress in strategic development: First, the Branch is expected to adhere to the fundamental principle of "seeking improvement from stability and actively seeking advancement", firmly establish the operation philosophy of "focusing on market, gaining benefits, solving problems, and identifying customer needs", and attach great importance to market demand and government orientation in business development. Second, it's essential to establish regulations and rules for standardized management, lead teams by rules, and promote business development on the premise of risk control. It's important to live up to "three selections, two establishments and one acceptance", i.e. the selection of owner, team and sub-contractor, the establishment of contract and plan, and the acceptance inspection in business risk control. Third, the Branch has to enhance the system execution and properly organize publicizing & implementation and training of the strategic planning and management system. Fourth, it's important, based on the planning implementation, to actively seek advancement and collaborative sharing, strengthen operation and expand projects, and fulfill annual tasks and seek development. Fifth, the Branch is required to continue to ensure safe production in a persistent manner, especially in supervision and general contracting projects. Sixth, it's of great importance to find problems, analyze them from the perspectives of industry, Haisum system and the itself, and promote the construction of new office building based on business development.

Yu Haixing, Wang Keling, Duan Zhaoqing, et al. required the Wuhan Branch to seek steady growth in the civil design market while maintaining its traditional advantages in light industrial design by giving reasonable play to its industry characteristics and improving the core competence of the enterprise; great importance shall be attached to financial risk control in the development of general contracting business; based on the strategic planning for development of the Corporation and China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd., the strategic planning of the Wuhan Branch must be brought into practice in earnest; in respect of human resources, it's essential to further enhance the talent force building, perfect the cadre echelon, and make great efforts for the motivation, cultivation and use of talent; to create better conditions for development, the Branch has to keep on promoting the construction of office building.

Zhou Bo expressed thanks to corporation leaders for their visit and guidance on behalf of the Wuhan Branch, guaranteeing that the Branch would carefully understand and implement all the requirements raised by corporation leaders.

The Party and administration leading groups of Hubei Sinolight Holding Wuhan Institute of Light Industrial Design Co., Ltd. under Sinolight Corporation participated in the survey meeting together.

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