Zhang Wanshun, Chairman of Sinolight Corporation and Guo Jianquan, General Manager of Sinolight Corporation and Their Delegation Visited the Cane Sugar Plant of Chongzuo Sugar under Guangxi East Asia Sugar Group

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On March 22, Zhang Wanshun, Party Secretary and Chairman of Sinolight Corporation, Guo Jianquan, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager, Dong Jianhui, Director of the Planning and Development Department and their delegation paid a visit to the Cane Sugar Plant of Chongzuo Sugar Co., Ltd. under Guangxi East Asia Sugar Group. Party Secretary and Chairman Xu Datong of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd., and Tang Mingming, Chairman and Party Secretary of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. Nanning Branch et al. accompanied the leaders in the visit.

The Cane Sugar Plant Project of Chongzuo Sugar Co., Ltd. under Guangxi East Asia Sugar Group was designed and supervised by the Nanning Branch, and was completed and brought into operation in 12 months. With an investment amounting to RMB 2.5 billion, this project is a cane sugar plant with the highest single-line production capacity in China; this plant was designed to process 20,000t of sugarcane per day and 1,200t of raw sugar per day in the production of refined sugar; a 30MW biomass power plant was established in parallel.

Zhang Wanshun and his delegation visited the key workshops and production processes like pressing and refining in the sugar plant, had cordial talks with the leading body of Chongzuo Sugar Plant under Guangxi East Asia Sugar Group, and learned in detail about the capital investment, management & operation, material supply, and application of new equipment and technologies at the sugar plant. Zhang Wanshun affirmed the cooperation of the Nanning Branch with Guangxi East Asia Sugar and the achievements made in the sugar industry, and presented important directions for the Nanning Branch to develop market in sugar industry: First, enhance the publicity through Internet and various media to demonstrate the technological superiorities and cutting-edge processes of the Nanning Branch in sugar industry. Second, borrow ideas from the practices of other industries in the handling of details, develop new technologies, work in a refined fashion, and seek broader market in respect of transformation and upgrading of sugar plant. Third, study the technological processes of foreign advanced sugar makers, find the gap, perform the introduction, absorption and digestion of new technologies, make up for the weaknesses, and improve the technological competence.

Tang Mingming expressed his gratitude to the leaders of Sinolight Corporation and China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. for their concerns and guidance on behalf of the Nanning Branch, and promised to carry forward the Poly Spirit, keep on making use of the advantages in sugar making industry, develop and improve sugar-making technologies, tackle key problems for intelligent sugar making market development, and create the new situation for the Company to undertake domestic and foreign sugar making projects, thereby making a positive contribution to Sinolight Corporation.

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