Unifying the Thoughts in a Clear Direction, and Getting Focused on Implementation - the Head Office of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. Held its Working Conference 2019

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The head office of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. convened its 2019 annual working conference on March 28-29. Party Secretary and Chairman Xu Datong presided over the conference and delivered an important speech, and 69 members of the central group were present. The Conference comprehensively summarized the implementation performance of various operations and management assignments at the head office of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. in 2018, intensively analyzed the current situation of production and operation, and deployed the key assignments of the Company for year 2019. The Conference also discussed and exchanged ideas on the measures for strategy implementation, the reflection on management improvement, and the building of a younger cadre team.

President Bian Junyi delivered the Annual Work Report on behalf of the Company’s leading body. The Report reviewed in detail the financial operation and business operation of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. and its head office in 2018, as well as the production and operation, industry development, international business development, cost reduction & efficiency improvement, technological innovation, safety responsibility implementation, Party building and corporate culture building, and other key assignments. President Bian also sorted out the key assignments and relevant requirements for year 2019.

Then, Li Yimin, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, interpreted the key points of the CPC Regulation on the Request for Instructions and Reports on Major Issues, and gave a comprehensive explanation on which items of the party organization, party members and leading cadres need to ask for instructions and reports, who to ask for instructions and give report, and how to do so. Zhou Yuan, General Manager of the head office, also sorted out the production situation and the development of each business segment at the head office.

Then, the heads of all production departments delivered speeches on the ideas and measures for the fulfillment of production assignments in 2019, the building of a younger cadre team, and the weaknesses and improvement of departments. The heads of functional departments and professional departments gave keynote speeches on how to build a unified management platform to promote the implementation of strategies, the understanding of management and how to improve department management, and the innovation work plan of department in 2019, etc. Everyone spoke freely, not only revealing the existing contradictions, but also offering suggestions for the discovery and final solution of problems. At this conference, Zhang Xiaolong, Architectural Director of the Company, was invited to give a keynote speech on behalf of professional directors. Director Zhang made a wonderful speech on the qualities that the professional directors should have and how to serve the strategies of the Company.

At the end, Chairman Xu Datong delivered a summary speech. First, Chairman Xu affirmed the wonderful achievements made by China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. in 2018: Steady growth in business performance; wonderful market development; abundant achievements in scientific and technological innovation; acceleration of reform and development, continuous refinement of enterprise management, and more progressive Party building; additionally, he analyzed the data regarding production and operation of each production department collected over the past five years. For the key assignments of the Company in 2019, Chairman Xu made the following deployment: First, promote the implementation of strategies and improve the functions of the head office; second, push forward the building of the seven unified platforms, and achieve unified management and standards and the sharing of internal resource; third, speed up the building of leading bodies and perform well in the reelection of the Two Committees; fourth, intensify the efforts to break the bottleneck in development, and do a good job in the unified coordination of projects, the integration of brand cultures, the compliance with inspection and rectification requirements of the Group, the adjustment of department leadership, the building of a younger cadre team, the functioning of technical directors, the establishment of international platform, the building of investment and financing platforms, and the revenue enhancement & expenditure reduction; furthermore, it’s extremely important to strictly implement the requirements set out in the Eight-point Code of Central CPC, thoroughly study and follow out the CPC Regulation on the Request for Instructions and Reports on Major Issues, and enhance the building of “publicity fronts” to help the enterprise grow in a sustainable manner.

At the end of his speech, Chairman Xu said affectionately to the cadres present: "To wear the crown, you must be capable enough and constantly strive to become stronger. The history has handed us the “baton”, and we have to live up to it. We have to give the history an account, and present reasonable benefits to our shareholders, employees, families and ourselves.”

At the conference, young cadres of the 80’s generation participated in the exchanging speeches, and talked about their participation in the conference.

Xu Datong, Party Secretary of the Company signed liability statements on the building of the Party conduct and of an honest and clean government with heads of all departments and all branch secretaries; President Bian Junyi and General Manager Zhou Yuan respectively signed the operation (management) target liability statement and production safety liability statement for year 2019 with the heads of functional departments and the heads of production departments at the head office.

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