Grasping the Overall Situation and Creating the New Chapter of Development at China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. - China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. Convened its Working Conference 2019

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On March 14 and 15, China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. convened its working conference 2019. Yu Haixing, Deputy Party Secretary, Director and Executive Deputy General Manager of Sinolight Corporation, and Wang Keling, Deputy Party Secretary and Director of the Corporation were present and delivered keynote addresses; Xu Datong, Party Secretary and Chairman of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. presided over the conference; executives of the Company and key principals of its subsidiaries attended the conference, while the superintendents of some functional departments at the head office sat in on the conference.

First, President Bian Junyi presented the annual work report entitled "Make Concerted Efforts for Steady Development, and Do the Best to Create a First-class Engineering Company with Scientific and Technological Content" on behalf of the Company's leading team, having given a detailed summary of the progress of key assignments of year 2018 and sorted out the key assignments and relevant requirements for year 2019.

Chairman Xu Datong delivered the keynote speech entitled "Grasping the Overall Situation and Creating the New Chapter of Development at China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd.” In the chapter "Pain in 2018, Gain in 2018", Chairman Xu affirmed the wonderful achievements of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. in 2018: The operating performance grew steadily; the market development progressed splendidly; a good many scientific and technological innovation achievements were made; the reform and development speeded up; the business administration was constantly refined; greater efforts for the Party building were made. In the chapter "Go for 2019", Chairman Xu talked about his thoughts for making progress while ensuring stability and seeking high-quality development in 2019, and particularly expounded the measures to be taken for "promoting strategy implementation, perfecting the headquarters functions", and achieving "unified, innovative and coordinated" development; furthermore, Chairman Xu put forward detailed requirements on the acceleration of leading body building, the reelection of the Two Committees, the enhancement of problem solving, the intensification of information spread, the establishment of information platform, and other important assignments.

In addition, Chairman Xu conveyed the content of the Enlarged Conference of Sinolight Corporation's Central Group, led the attendants to learn the CPC Regulation on the Request for Instructions and Reports on Major Issues, the CPC Regulation on Disciplinary Actions, the Poly Group Party committee's Provisions on Strict Political Discipline and Giving Full Play to the Leading Role of the Party Committee and the supplementary comments, etc., and shared the "Amoeba Operation Management Model" for Haisum's cultural brand building.

Wang Keling, Deputy Party Secretary of Sinolight Corporation who worked with his team for evaluation of leading bodies was present at the Company's working conference and delivered an address. Secretary Wang stressed that China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. should assume greater responsibility and mission since it was the only listing platform of Sinolight Corporation and had a strong advantage in EPC and project management in light industry. He expected China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. to accelerate cultural integration, seek reform and innovation boldly, try to be the "main force" and "crack unit" of the Corporation, and make greater contributions to the reform and development of Sinolight Corporation.

Yu Haixing, Deputy Party Secretary, Director and Executive Deputy General Manager of Sinolight Corporation attended the conference and delivered keynote address. Mr. Yu appreciated and affirmed the contributions made by China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries to the reform and development of the Corporation in 2018, and raised the following requirements on next step of development of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd.: First, improve the political stance. Second, improve the execution. Third, seek collaboration and coordination. Four, pay close attention to benefits. Five, plow the soil, make proper use of various resources, and bring the advantages into play to enhance the business operation vitality. Six, control risk and keep discipline in mind. Seven, attach importance to reform and seek development. Eight, do a good job in technological innovation and achievements industrialization.

At the conference, leaders of the subsidiaries delivered exchanging speeches on how to take actions in parallel to fulfill the annual production & operation assignments, how to push forward the implementation of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd.'s strategic planning, and how to enhance the inter-company coordination, etc.

At the conference, Secretary Xu Datong signed the liability statements on the building of the Party conduct and of an honest and clean government with Party secretaries of the subsidiaries; President Bian Junyi signed the operation target liability statement and production safety liability statement for year 2019 with the superintendents of the subsidiaries.

In addition, Prof. Chen Yongming from the Division of Economics at Shanghai Administration Institute under Shanghai Municipal Party School was invited to the Conference, where he presented a special lecture entitled "the Central Economic Working Conference and China's Economic Trends in 2019", which intensively enlightened the attendants.

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